Why Pokemon Go Is So Popular among Women


I was getting ready for the weekend on a Friday night when I received text messages from my friends, ‘Are you playing a new Pokemon Go game?’ This made me wondering how popular Pokemon Go is among people who live in every corner of the world.

What is Pokemon Go? Pokemon Go can simply be defined as a smartphone game, which creates a blend in between digital and real worlds. The main objective of this game is to explore the neighborhood with the intention of finding Pokemon creatures and treasures, which can be used at a later stage of the game.

Walking around Chicago, New York, London or any other city around the world this weekend was like an episode of Dead Set or Black Mirror. Everyone was wandering around the city with smartphones, trying to catch the Pokemon characters. Pokemon Go is extremely popular among men as well as women. Why is it so popular among women?

1. Team up with unlikely strangers

Pokemon Go would assist you to team up with unlikely strangers. Women are curious to work with strangers without revealing their identity. This fact has contributed a lot towards the popularity of this app. The battles begin after Level 5 and women who install this app on the mobile try their best to reach that level within a couple of days. Then they can join different teams and battle against others with the captured Pokemon creatures.

2. It is tons of fun

While playing Pokemon Go, the choices available for you would be really tough. If there is a Charmander next to your dog, you would find it as a hard task to make the decision whether you should catch the dog or the Pokemon creature. Women would love to come across such options and it has contributed a lot towards the popularity of this app.

Pokemon Go is an innovative app and the technology behind it is something new to the world. Women who are always curious to experiment new things tend to install this app and play it without a doubt on mind.

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3. It is easy to play

It is extremely easy to play this game as well. There aren’t any hard and fast rules within the game and you just need to capture the Pokemon creatures in your neighborhood. Even people who do not like to have a walk in the outdoors have started going out because of this app. Ladies who are curious to explore their neighborhood have found Pokemon Go as a good reason to do it.

Pokemon Go is not all about walking, collecting and capturing. It would assist the ladies to socialize with each other without worrying too much about privacy concerns. In addition, it would bring together players in public.

These are only a few of the reasons that justify the popularity of Pokemon Go among modern world women. However, you should make sure that you do not get addicted to this game because it might take you to unexpected situations in life. So, are you already addicted to Pokemon Go?