Want a Perfect Eye Makeup? Kylie Jenner Shows How to Do It


Kylie Jenner is one of those popular women who never stop experimenting with their beauty looks and always share their tutorials with their fans. Call it a trick to gain popularity or whatever, but they are really confident about their makeup skills and share absolutely useful stuff.

Recently, Kylie Jenner shared her short step-by-step tutorials to show others that she can do her own makeup for the day without turning to makeup artists. She showed some pro tricks that you can steal and use to create a celebrity eye makeup, just like Kylie Jenner rock. Here is what you can learn from the beauty aficionado:

Start with concealer

Kylie applies concealer under her eyebrows to highlight the brow bone, cover up any flaws (if you have any) and make it perfectly smooth. I don’t have an eye concealer, so I use a regular one. This works just great too.

Look how Kylie applies her eyeshadow

Hide your dark circles

Once you apply your concealer under your eyebrows and the eyeshadow of your choice, it is time to hide dark circles. It looks weird, but keep reading and you will see all those coats are worth applying.

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Set concealer with loose powder

Kylie uses a sponge and loose powder to set concealer and even out skin tone, leaving a crisp line.

Blend it in

Cover that crisp line with subtle eyeshadow to complete your eye makeup.

Enhance your eyebrows like Kylie does

Kylie even uses an eyelash curler

Apply mascara and eyeliner like Kylie does

Fix any marks and smudges

Apply a few coats of lip gloss

And you are ready to go

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Surely, it is not a complete guide to Kylie Jenner’s beauty look. Check out her Instagram or Snapchat to find more tutorials and beauty tips.

Top Image Source: kyliejennerinfo.tumblr.com