7 Ways to Help Wild Animals Survive This Winter


Trying various ways to help wild animals is really a great thing to do. Of course, sometimes animals just do well without us, but during the winter season, our help can be also needed. There are many things you can do to help birds and animals survive the winter, and even the smallest things can make a huge difference. Here are several ways to help wild animals get through the winter season.

1. Feeding

Feeding animals will provide valuable calories, which will help them survive the cold winter days. Besides, it’s such a pleasure to watch them in your garden! What kind of food to put out depends on what birds and animals are to be found in your region. Birds like seeds, nuts, and any crusts or crumbs that you have leftover.

2. Water

Another way to help wild animals survive the winter is to put out some water for them. Of course, it is more suitable if you have a garden! You need just a few minutes each day to check that the water hasn’t frozen over and to put out a bowl of freshwater. It’s not difficult, right?

3. Shelter

Wild animals will also appreciate any kind of shelter that you can make for them. You can buy or make special shelters for them, like hedgehog boxes or starling-houses. If you don’t have time or money for them, there is much simpler – a pile of leaves. It can be a great shelter for some animals, so in autumn don’t burn leaves off.

4. Flowerheads

Almost all gardeners cut off flower heads in the autumn because it’s a part of the process of cleaning the garden at the end of the growing season. Think twice before you cut those flower heads, because they may be a tasty meal for animals. So leave dead flower heads for wildlife and you will help them survive the winter.

5. Plants

Plan ahead and find time to grow some plants, which will be a perfect food for wildlife. There are so many plants, which will grow fruits, berries, and seeds that animals will definitely like. So seek some wildlife-friendly plants, which will be suitable for your garden.

6. Fire dangers

Another best way to help wild animals that lots of people don’t take into consideration is that you must always check before making a fire. It doesn’t matter whether you’re having a fire as part of a celebration, or you’re just burning garden rubbish, you should see if any animals have hidden inside because your bonfire can look like a great shelter to them.

7. Check your car

As well as water and food, there are many other ways to help wild animals. Before starting your car, you need always check if any animal hasn’t climbed into the engine in order to keep warm. This can often happen with cats, even with domestic cats so it is still worth checking. You can also save the life of stray animals!

There are many ways to help animals survive the winter. And if you live in a very cold climate everything you’ll do to help is really useful. Most people think that animals can look after themselves, but very often they need our help. What do you do to help wildlife survive the winter?