10 Super Stylish Ways to Wear Leggings This Spring


Happily, it is spring again. Time to get rid of all those heavy layers. It is time for all those beautiful spring colors to pop. Let yourself be inspired by nature – the blooming flowers in vivid colors, the chirping of the birds, the sunshine and the sky, and incorporate those colors into your spring wardrobe.

Leggings are a great fashion choice all year around. You can dress them up, dress them down – look casual, elegant, professional or business like. You can pretty much create any look that you desire. I know you had been wearing them with those great boots during the fall season. How about adding them to your wardrobe this spring? Here are ten ways you can rock leggings this season:

1. Classic floral prints and a black shirt


Floral prints are always in vogue. You can get a wide variety of leggings in vivid floral designs. Team them with a button down shirt, t-shirt or tunic in black and you are ready to go.

2. Staple black leggings and a white shirt


This look is timeless. Just add a button-down shirt to your classic black leggings and step out in style.

3. Leggings and a crop top


Crop tops are the rage lately so why not combine them with leggings? Crop tops are available in every style.
You can put on an athleisure crop top with leggings like Kendall Jenner does for a casual afternoon lunch with friends. Or you can pair printed leggings with your favorite crop top. Let your imagination run free.

4. High-waisted leggings


If you want to look high fashion, think about high-waisted leggings. Team up them with a blouse or a casual shirt tied at the front for that effortlessly chic look.

5. Galaxy leggings


If you want to really stand out, then you should totally check out these galaxy leggings. With the perfect pop of color, these are guaranteed head-turners.

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6. Metallic or gold leggings


Wanna go bold? Go metallic. All you need to do is to pair gold or silver toned leggings with a white or black top.
Want to go out for a drink? This would be a great party look. Put on some high heels and party all night… in style.

7. Black leggings and a blazer


You can also incorporate leggings into your work wardrobe. Pair basic back ones with your favorite blazer and go to an office in style. If you are feeling more adventurous, team floral leggings with a classic white blazer.

8. Leggings and a denim shirt


Denim shirts never really go out of style. Put on your favorite tee (or without it), a denim shirt with black leggings and go for a walk to enjoy a warm spring weather.

9. Leggings and a long tunic


If you want to combine comfort and style, you can rock a bright comfy tunic in your favorite color with your black leggings. The result is comfy chic!

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10. White summer dress and black leggings


You own the basic floral summer dress? Time to revamp your look by wearing leggings underneath it. You can even pull on a cardigan to dress up. Make sure that the dress is mid thigh length for it to work best.

Do try out all these looks and enjoy spring in all its glory. If you wear you leggings in more unique and stylish ways, let me know in the comments.