10 Soulful Ways to Stay Happy during the Winter Season


With the dark and dreary weather, many people find winter to be the most depressing time of year. If you find that you get the blues more easily during the cold season, don’t let them get you down for too long. The following tips can help you combat wintertime depression so you can stay happy and emotionally healthy.

1. Brighten up your home

From scented candles to brighter lamps, you can combat the darkness of those winter days by adding more light to your home. You might even want to consider a painting project for your house. Paint your walls with warm and vibrant colors to add more cheer to your setting. Choose to repaint the room that you spend the most time in.

2. Get out more

It can be tempting to stay home more often when the weather turns grim. Yet by remaining social, you can better keep your spirits up. Simply dress warm and give yourself some extra time for your commute so you can drive carefully. You’ll feel good when you can meet with people who can help keep up your spirits.

3. Cook a turkey dinner

There’s good medical reason why you should eat more turkey during the winter, not just for those holiday feasts. Turkey contains tryptophan, which naturally boosts your brain’s serotonin levels. Researchers have linked depression to a lack of serotonin. By eating turkey more often, you can naturally boost your serotonin levels so you can continue to feel good.

4. Exercise

Exercise is a great way to feel good physically as well as emotionally. The enzymes that are released during exercise not only make your body feel alive and rejuvenated, they do the same for your mind. If you are feeling sad, a good workout will help you beat those blues reliably and effectively.

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5. Stay away from alcohol

Drinking alcohol can only serve to deepen feelings of depression. If you are feeling blue, it’s important to stay away from alcohol. Instead, make yourself some nutritious smoothies. Pamper your health and you’ll find that your feelings will also be uplifted. You might also want to limit your caffeine intake. While caffeine can give you a jolt, it can also lead to an emotional crash.

6. Read more

If you are feeling a bit out of sorts, get away from your problems with a good book. Reading can take you out of yourself and give your brain the respite it needs from the normal stresses. After reading, you might even have a better frame of mind when you return to your world. Don’t forget about your favorite winter drinks.

7. Pamper yourself

A spa treatment here and there or even a long bath with a few scented candles will help you feel better about life. Just because the weather is blustery and cold doesn’t mean you should hide under the covers. You’ll feel better about yourself when you take care of yourself every day of the season.

8. Take up a project

When you take up a new project, it can help you focus on something emotionally healthy. Learn to sew or renovate a part of your home. Winter is a great time to experience indoor crafts and hobbies. Don’t sit around and let the blues get the best of you. Throw yourself into a new hobby and broaden your horizons.

9. Plan a getaway

Although it isn’t always possible to book a trip to the sunny islands, you can still perk up your spirits when you plan a getaway even if it’s only a staycation in a nearby bed and breakfast. A weekend getaway gives you something new to look forward to and can break up the dreary winter monotony.

10. Nurture your soul

Don’t neglect your spirit during the winter. Some people find volunteering or attending a Bible study to be therapeutic. Others find that yoga is ideal for spiritual mediation. You can improve your mind and spirit when you feed them with activities that inspire and refresh. Try playing soothing music or anything else that gives your soul the spiritual boost it needs to thrive in winter.

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Try these tips when the weather gets cold. You might find that they work great for helping you keep the winter blues at bay. You can be happy during the winter months; your smile and laugh will help you. Also, try to stay active throughout the day, eat healthy, drink enough water, do things you love and meet people that make you feel happy. Do you think that winter is a happy season?