10 Ways to Get Perfect Skin in 2 Weeks


10. Wear Sunglasses

The skin under your eyes is thinner than the skin on almost any other part of your body. As such, this skin is more prone to damage. Wearing sunglasses provides more protection for the skin around your eyes than sunblock ever could. Not only do glasses shield the skin from the sun, they prevent you from squinting in bright light, which also helps to prevent wrinkles. Moreover, wearing sunglasses will protect your eyes from harmful sun rays and avert cancer, cataract or singe.

While choosing your pair, try them on and see how much you see above and under the rims. Make sure, sun rays can’t pass from the upper rim. Reject the pair that does not provide you with the information on the material and protecting properties. Don’t be afraid to ask shop assistant about the quality certificate. If everything is okay you can decide on the style and color. I recommend choosing soft colors like green or brown. They are comfortable for your eyes and you will gain clear view. As for the style, choose whatever your heart desires! The only thing you should regard is your face shape. Aviators, oversized, wraparounds, butterflies or rimless… Which would be your favorite?

Caring for your skin is a lifelong process. The tips above are designed to get you up and feeling good in just two weeks, but the best thing you can do for your skin is to take care of it day in and day out. Treat your skin well to keep it looking healthy and beautiful your entire life. What are your secrets to perfect skin?