10 Instant Ways to Contour Your Face


5. Use a Kit

Most beginners in the field of makeup want something that will ease their “sufferings.” The wide variety of different shades can make you scared so if you are a green hand, you may want to consider using a kit. Kits usually contain the three shades you need to create contour and instructions as to how to use the shades appropriately. They are also absolutely portable, so even if you are out of home on business or whatever, a kit will make your beauty bag much smaller than it could be with plenty of separate shades.

Kits may not provide the perfect shades for your skin tone, but they can take a lot of the guess work out of the process for beginners. A good kit can become the first teacher for a newbie. You can see the relevance of the colors in the kit, try them, and decide whether they are right for you. Then if you see that the tones don’t match your skin perfectly, and you feel ready to choosing everything individually, you may try to change some of them basing on your experience with the kit. So to make short of long, a kit is a great place to start learning.