Practical Steps to Gaining Weight for Hard Gainers


Many people who want to build muscle, gain weight, and improve their physique find themselves in the category commonly referred to as “hard gainers.” Due to a higher bodily metabolism rate and other similar factors, these individuals burn calories at a much higher rate and, consequently lose weight at equally faster degrees. This factor makes it very difficult to gain weight and achieve one’s desired fitness and health goals. However, there are three lifestyle changes that can help in overcoming this challenge. The first step is the proper management of calorie intake, the second step is eating the ideal foods, and the final step is staying one step ahead of the body by always being prepared. By properly managing calories, eating the right foods, and by staying prepared, those who find it hard to gain weight can put on the pounds they need all while staying healthy.

Eating the right amount of calories<

Eating the right amount of calories is crucial to any diet. It is a universally understood principal that if you are trying to lose weight, you will need to eat less calories than your body burns each day. The reverse holds true for those trying to gain weight. Calculating an accurate approximation of the number of calories taken each day and subtracting the total from the amount of calories burned daily will tell how much you should be eating extra each day. To gain weight one should eat approximately five-hundred calories over the number of calories burned daily. For example, if 2,500 calories are burned in one day, one should eat 3,000 calories that day. The key to eating the required number of calories is by splitting the daily need into meals. 3,000 calories can be split into 5 meals of 600 calories each. Gaining weight is a simple matter of math; you must insure a surplus intake of calories each day in order to gain weight at a steady rate.

Eating the right calories

There is no question that eating more calories will bring more weight, but eating the right calories makes the difference between an unhealthy and detrimental diet and a healthy lifestyle. In order to maintain a healthy diet, foods with sugar, simple carbs, and which are heavily processed must be avoided on a regular basis. Eggs, pasta, rice, chicken, vegetables, and other lean meats are a healthy food source. Foods such a pizza, fast food, and products with bleached flour, on the other hand, must be eliminated from your healthy diet. The primary objective is to have a well-balanced meal which will give you the nutrients that your body requires. Always look for foods high in protein and fiber, and remember your goal is to gain healthy weight, not obesity.

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Even though eating enough calories from healthy food sources is a vital component of a healthy diet, if you are not prepared, it will be extremely difficult to stay committed to such a lifestyle for an extended period of time. There are always times when, perhaps coming home late from work, there simply is not enough time to prepare a healthy and complete meal. These occasions usually result in eating the forbidden fast food or some other unhealthy alternative. Therefore, it is crucial to be prepared. Set aside one day per week to cook all your meals and store them in storage containers in the refrigerator. Also, make sure to have healthy snacks in the house and get rid of those foods which are detrimental to bodily health. Always keeping healthy alternatives on hand will insure that, when the temptation arises, there will be a guilt-free way of satisfying your needs.

Eating a surplus amount of calories guarantees the gaining of weight; eating proper and healthy types of foods ensures that this weight is beneficial and will not lead to obesity; and finally, preparing your meals in advance and setting up nutritional alternatives keeps you committed to a healthy lifestyle. All of these factors combined will play a definitive and sure role in lifting you out the category of a “hard gainer” into one who is able to manage and achieve his or her physical goals with hard work and dedication.