7 Healthy and Effective Ways to Put On Weight


While most of us are trying to lose weight, there are some people who are interested in gaining weight. Most of the time we talk about different tips and ways to drop those unwanted pounds, but I think it’s important to talk about some healthy ways to gain weight. A lot of people who are trying to put on weight make some serious mistakes.

One of the biggest mistakes is eating too much fast food. Chips, sweets, cakes, and other high-calorie junk foods full of sugar and saturated fat are not healthy and they can cause many health problems. There are some foods that can keep you looking healthy and still help you add on those much-needed pounds.

So, if you are looking to put on weight without turning to junk food and wrecking your metabolism, take a look at my list of seven healthy and effective ways to gain weight. Try to do a few of these ways per day for achieving better results.

1. Have oatmeal once a day

Since oatmeal is a healthy grain and a concentrated source of carbs, it will help you gain weight. A lot of people eat oatmeal to lose weight, but it helped me gain weight because I wasn’t eating carbs at all. I ate ½ cup of oatmeal every night with raisins and almond milk as a healthy bedtime snack.

Thanks to oatmeal’s magnesium content, vitamin B6 content, and calming tryptophan content, I was also able to fall asleep faster. Oatmeal is good for your heart and it also keeps your skin pretty and helps your hair grow. I usually buy gluten-free oats because I have gluten sensitivity and I love enjoying this tasty snack at night.