Significance of the Corsage


Centuries ago, the corsage referred to the bodice of a woman’s dress where a small bouquet of flowers adorned the center. Today, a corsage is a small bouquet of flowers that can be worn anywhere on the body. As the style of the corsage changed, the significance of it became even more important.

In ancient times, the Greeks believed that a corsage could ward off evil spirits. Today, a corsage is worn to signify importance and honor. Whether for honor, warding off evil spirits or simply dressing up an outfit, a corsage never seems to go out of style.

The style of the corsage has changed over the centuries. The first version of the corsage was worn in the center of the bodice. Over time, women began wearing corsages on the left side of their chest, near the heart.

During the early 1900s, corsages were worn higher up near the shoulder. Today, you can still find shoulder corsages, but they are smaller than those of the 1900s.

As dress styles changed, so did the corsage. Corsages are now made to wear on the wrist, neck, ankle and even in the hair.

Corsage can easily be made

A corsage can easily be made. First, select the type of flowers you would like to use. Many people prefer to use real flowers over the fake ones because of the fresh scent.

However, fake flowers will last longer than the real flowers. Roses and carnations are the most popular flowers used, but you can choose whatever flower you think is appropriate for the occasion. Baby’s breath or leaves are a great addition to any corsage.

Bundle together all of the items you want to include into the bouquet. Next, wrap floral wire around the stems to create a cluster. Wrap floral tape around the wire and stems to keep arrangement together.

A decorative ribbon, lace or even pearls can be added for a more elegant touch. Use a long, flat pin to attach the corsage to your outfit.

Some pins come with a decorative bulb on the end. For a wrist corsage, an elastic band or ribbon is added around the bottom to hold the bouquet tightly in place.

Corsage can be worn to many different formal occasions

A corsage can be worn to many different formal occasions. The earliest corsages were worn at Greek weddings. It was believed that the fragrance from the flowers could ward off evil spirits.

Now, it is customary for the mother and grandmother of the bride and groom to wear a corsage to the wedding. This is typically done now as a means to identify an important person. The second most popular occasion for a corsage is a formal dance, such as a prom.

For a formal dance, the escort usually buys the lady a corsage. When choosing a corsage, it is best to pick neutral colors to coordinate with her outfit or ask in advance what color she is wearing.

The escort may also want to ask if the lady would prefer a shoulder corsage or a wrist corsage. If your date is wearing a strapless dress, a wrist corsage would be more comfortable to wear.

Corsage can be a nice way to honor someone.

A corsage can be a nice way to honor someone. During an award ceremony, the recipients of an award may have on corsages to identify themselves as the honoree.

A mother-to-be may wear a corsage to her baby shower. This bouquet is usually pink, blue or yellow to match the occasion. Many women wear a corsage on Mother’s Day to honor their mother, either living or deceased.

It is customary to wear a red corsage if your mom is living, and a white or yellow corsage if your mom has passed away. The carnations and roses are the most popular choices for this occasion.

Used by many women over the centuries, the corsage is one item that never seems to go away. Whether it is because of the way it has evolved over the centuries or the significance of it, the corsage is still popular today.

Being inexpensive and easy to make, women no longer wait for their escort to bring them a corsage. They can easily make one on their own. However, a woman still feels important when an escort brings her a corsage.