10 Instant Ways to Contour Your Face


4. Glimmer versus Matte

To gleam or not to gleam – that is the question. Choosing either glimmer or matte for your makeup is initially a mistake. You should avoid running to extremes, and stick to a point that there must be a harmony in everything. Face contouring is no exception. If you want to contour your face successfully, combining glimmer and matte is a must. They both should be present in any makeup, but the problem is how to combine these opposites. It stands to reason that there are certain rules of using matte and shimmer.

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The truth is that brighter, glimmering colors work well for light areas. Matte colors work best for the shaded regions of your face. Matte absorbs light, while shimmers reflect it, so use these finishes accordingly. You want a bit of reflection on the highest points of your face, but never on your jawline. If you fail to follow this piece of advice, your face will look disproportional or flat. So be sure to use glimmer on your forehead, just a bit on top of your nose (but not the alae of the nose – only darker and matte colors are possible to be applied there), cheeks and tip of your chin. Remember that light color combined with shimmer gives the section feeling of bringing it nearer and bigger.