10 Last-Minute Cute Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas

10 Last-Minute Cute Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas

Now that you have got your perfect Valentine’s outfit planned out (thanks to my last article) it is time for you to decide on how to do your makeup. Soft and romantic, dramatic and simple – explore these next ten looks and you will see which suits you and your date night dress best.

1. Soft and Stunning

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We talked about using purples, but what about doing a red to purple ombre look? Now hear me out, red and purple pair together beautifully, especially when you use a deeper plum. It will be stunning, using classic V-Day colors, but with a small twist of your own flare. It will be perfect, trust me.

Those are all the makeup looks I have for now, so scroll through, debate, and decide on the most beautiful look you can muster in the hours before your date night on V-Day and have the most romantic night you possibly can!