10 Last-Minute Cute Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas


Now that you have got your perfect Valentine’s outfit planned out (thanks to my last article) it is time for you to decide on how to do your makeup. Soft and romantic, dramatic and simple – explore these next ten looks and you will see which suits you and your date night dress best.

1. Soft and Stunning

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If you want that romantic look, but you still desire something with a little flare of dramatism – this is the makeup look for you. A soft glow in your foundation, soft pinks and neutrals on the eyes, and a wing so sharp you can cut a man. Subtle and soft, but still a little dangerous.

2. Subtle Smoke

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If you are like me and love the winged eyeliner look but are not so great at using liquid and gel eyeliners, go for this subtle smoky look using some eyeshadow to create your wing. It will be forgiving but still look on point. Pair your dramatic eyes with a nude lip for the perfect look.

3. Luscious Lashes

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Don’t want a wing or just can’t do one? No problem. Make your eyes a little fuller and romantic with some metallic mauves and soft neutral browns and frame them with the perfect set of wispy fake lashes. You will look like the goddess you are and have your date crawling all over you.

4. Edgy Everything

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If you want something more dramatic, and more va-va-voom, girl, this one is for you. Red and black is the theme of this gothic Valentine look with and edgy red shadow, black smudged beneath, a sharp wing, and ombre lips. This look would be stunning with your faded jeans and black bomber jacket this V-Day.

5. Glitter Glam

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If you want to go full glam, go glitter. But do not just stop there, gloss up those lips and take your best pink eyeliner and draw a cute, little heart at the tip of your winged eyeliner, or even below to really draw your date’s attention.

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6. Black Beauty

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We have talked edgy, but we have not talked crazy yet. I know you girls can get wild, so why not go against all V-Day norms and go with black as your main color scheme?

Black lips are bolder than bold, and pairing them with a dark, smoky eye even more so. So if you have got the courage, you go for it and strut your stuff the entire night.

7. Crazy Colorful

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So you want to stand out amongst the crowd but do not want to go full blown crazy with our black color scheme. So why not go on the other side of the color spectrum and go full blown crazy with color? No pinks, reds, or soft romantic colors, but bright, bold, and beautiful greens, blues, and golds?

You will definitely stand out, especially if you pair it with a colored eyeliner similar to the picture linked. Trust me, you can and will pull it off.

8. Real Royalty

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We all know the classic colors of royalty: purple and gold. Now I know what you are thinking: purple eyeshadow?

But think about it, it is bright, bold, and close to pink but still unique. You will be the talk of the night with your royal eyes.

9. Classic Color

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If you want a more classic look, go with the traditional smoky eye and glossy, pink lips. It will look stunning with any outfit, any day, but especially on Valentine’s Day night when you are taking that romantic stroll on the beach under the moonlight (at least I hope you will be, how sweet would that be?)

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10. Queen of Hearts

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We talked about using purples, but what about doing a red to purple ombre look? Now hear me out, red and purple pair together beautifully, especially when you use a deeper plum.

It will be stunning, using classic V-Day colors, but with a small twist of your own flare. It will be perfect, trust me.

Those are all the makeup looks I have for now, so scroll through, debate, and decide on the most beautiful look you can muster in the hours before your date night on V-Day and have the most romantic night you possibly can!