10 Awesome New Year Makeup Looks


New Year’s Eve is all about parties, festivals and trendy makeup looks. Makeup trends fall into three camps: natural, classic, and bold. Fortunately, most of the trends are easy to duplicate.

Just don’t go overboard. You can look gorgeous with a little effort. Here are ten makeup looks to try this year.

1. Pastel brows

Pastel hair extensions in colors chosen to complement clothing were paired with pure pigments in matching hues. The pigments were swiped across eyebrows, giving the models a soft yet edgy look. Although it’s a New Year’s Eve party, try to avoid too bright colors.

2. Bright eyes

This year, Ralph Lauren is showing a lot of sparkles, and the look doesn’t stop with fabrics and jewelry. Makeup artists used shimmery gold tones just over the lashes and in the corners of the eye. This is one trend that is simple to duplicate.

3. Slept-in eyes

DVF showed a glam look inspired by Brigitte Bardot. First, the models’ eyes were lined in deep, rich black. Next combinations of browns, blacks, and greys smudged together to create a glamorous look. To stay current, avoid sweeping color past the eyelid and into a cat-eye shape.

4. Tiny stenciled tattoos

This year, Tommy Hilfiger was inspired by 1960s pictures of pretty girls at outdoor music festivals. Make-up artists drew stars, moons, and even tiny constellations on models’ cheeks, arms, and midriffs, adding a British invasion look to the runway. Maybe this idea is not for every woman, but if you want to surprise your partner or friends, then why not give it a try?

5. Glitter

Get ready for some glitter. Designers are showing actual glitter, not sparkling shadow, around the eyes.

One artist used three dots of glitter on each eye. A small dot rested on the inside crease while larger dots accented the center of the eye both above the upper lashes and below the lower lashes.

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6. Deep black eyeliner

Defined eyes are classically presented this season with deep black, matte eyeliner. The look is perfected with clean, not smudged, lines that extend only slightly beyond the lid and end suddenly. If you’ve never used black eyeliner, be sure to experiment a little now so that you won’t have any problems on New Year’s Eve.

7. Bold lips

Designer Tanya Taylor showed dramatic lips in shocking orange. To complement their lips, the models wore peach on their eyelids and delicate orange along their cheekbones.

A little less shocking but equally as bold, Carolina Herrera showed models with deep red lips that dominated the face. For extra boldness, some designers matched bold red lips to the models’ manicures.

8. White eyeliner

Nanette Lepore highlighted extra-long eyelashes with white eyeliner. This look kept the long lashes from becoming too dramatic. To achieve the look, swipe the liner above the eye, below the eye, and into the inner crease. Finally, slightly wing it outward in two lines that do not meet.

9. Opaque eye shadow

Leave subtle behind for this look. Designers showed a decidedly cat-eye shape that began with a deep colored liner paired with a bright white liner.

To achieve the opaque shadow, begin with loose shadow in a bold color, such a cobalt blue. Apply with a wet brush.

10. The natural look

This year Marc Jacobs is showing no makeup at all. There are many celebrities who are not afraid to go out without makeup, so why not?

If the thought of going completely natural scares you, try Tory Burch’s approach. Swipe some bronzer on the cheeks and add a natural rosy color to the lips.

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Whether you are comfortable with the bohemian, beach-swept look of the natural trend or ready to rock glitter and opaque eye shadow, this year is the year to try something new. With such a variety of makeup options, there is surely one that will make you feel pretty and draw glowing comments from friends and admirers. What’s your favorite makeup look for New Year?