10 Last Minute Romantic Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas


Ah, February, the month of bipolar weather and love. But more importantly, love. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I know all you ladies have the perfect date, gift, and person in your mind – but have you planned out your perfect outfit?

If you are anything like me, you will go over it again and again in your head yet you will never be able to decide on the perfect V-Day night out outfit. So let me help you with a few ideas to get those romantic wheels turning in your head. Here are ten of the most romantic outfits you can wear this V-Day:

1. Mindful Midi

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Midi skirts are a classic piece in any wardrobe. But pick one that is pleated and in a soft pastel color scheme for that something a little extra you’ve been looking for in your date night outfits.

Pair it with some heels, a cute blouse, or even t-shirt for a more casual look. Either way, your date will be swooning.

2. Dainty Denim

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If you want to be comfy and cute, denim is the way to go. Whether you choose to wear some of your favorite skinnies or a nice distressed denim jacket, pairing it with soft pinks and blues will make you stand out from the crowd while still being as comfortable as can be.

3. Blushing Beauty

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Pink is a classic color for Valentine’s Day, but if you want a softer, romantic style, blush is the way to go. Grabbing a dress or skirt in this gentle pink will be perfect for your night out. Pair it with lace and dress it up, or pair it with a sweater to dress it down – either way, you will have your date swooning.

4. Racy Red

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Another classic color of Valentine’s Day is red. It is the ideal color, but to stand out, choose something a little racier.

Like a deep wine red, a cherry red – something to make you stand out against the red sea on date night. And pair it with a neutral to keep it classy.

5. Black Bomber

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If you are edgier than most, you are not going to want to wear any pinks or reds, so why not go with black? You will definitely make a statement strutting your stuff in a black bomber jacket and dress.

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6. Perky Peach

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Another soft pastel color you can choose to flatter yourself this V-Day is peach. It is a beautiful color, and you can simply pair it with a few other neutral pieces, and a pop of color like a purple hat, chunky necklace, or pumps to add a little fun spin to your pieces.

7. Pretty in Pink

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If you want that classic, bright, pink of V-Day, keep it classy by pairing it with other softer pinks and some neutrals to keep the overall tone of the outfit subdued. Grab your cheetah print if you really want to stand out, though.

8. A Little Leg

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If you want to be a little sexier on this special day, just show a little leg. But keep it classy by wearing other pieces that keep the mystery like turtlenecks and the ever popular knee high boots.

9. Fancy Florals

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If you want something a little more fun and out of the box, pick one of the everyone’s favorite patterns: floral. It is diverse, colorful, and gorgeous on any and everyone.

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10. Crazy Cool

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If you are against the whole V-Day and just want to have a night out with your girls, go against the sea of red and pinks with your best pair of ripped skinnies, denim, and t-shirts. And you rock it, girl.

Those are all the outfit ideas I have for you this coming V-Day, so choose what best suits you and your personality and go out and have a great night!