7 Tricks and Tips for Getting the Best Fake Tan


For many of us it’s really hard to get the perfect fake tan. However, it’s still possible if you know some important tips. Moreover, you can get the flawless fake tan at home and you won’t end up looking fake. Check out a few amazing tricks and tips for getting the best fake tan.

1. Exfoliate your whole body

Whether you are going to get a spray tan or you are doing it yourself, make sure you exfoliate your entire body before going. Exfoliating will remove all the dead skin on your body and allow the spray tan to soak in better and last longer. Also, don’t shower for about 24 hours after your tan!

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2. Lotion your whole body

Make sure to lotion your entire body before you apply any kind of self-tanner. Let the lotion soak in completely, paying attention to your elbows, wrists, knees, ankles and feet, since these areas can get dry easily and may need more moisture.

3. Use Vaseline

If you are going to get a spray tan, you should definitely follow this tip. Put a small amount of Vaseline onto your eyebrows and hairline and this will ensure that the spray tan doesn’t cling to these areas and doesn’t make those awkward lines. If you’re using self-tanner at home, take it slow around your face and be sure to do a lighter application than anywhere else on your body.

4. Use a scrub glove

Using a scrub glove will help apply the tan smoothly with no streaks. Just put some of the cream or lotion on the glove, and slightly rub into your skin. When you’re done, be sure to clean the glove and go around your knees and elbows to rub off any excess cream or lotion.

5. Use latex gloves

The orange hands are one of the signs that you’ve been using self-tanner. To avoid the orange hands, use latex gloves. Although it may seem sort of weird, after a couple of applications, you will certainly see why it’s so necessary. After you have done your arms and body, take off the latex gloves and apply the lotion or cream to the back of each hand using a wool pad.

6. Mix tanning lotion with regular lotion

This is my favorite tip that I personally use all the time. If your self-tanner is too dark for you or simply a tad orange, mix your tanning lotion with your regular lotion in your palm right before applying.

7. Wear appropriate clothing

Are you going to get a spray tan? If so, then it’s extremely important to wear dark, loose fitting clothing. Don’t wear white, tight clothing. Be sure to keep your arms and legs bare to optimize your tan potential. Using a self-tanner at home is better because you can walk around in your birthday suit after.

Although this all may seem like so much work to give yourself a tan, it’s worth it! Plus, fake tan is much safer than a natural tan and it can prevent skin cancer! What are your best self-tanner tips? Share them please.