10 Essential Items for Your Bug-Out-Bag


In an uncertain world, being prepared could save your life. Putting together a bug-out-bag is an essential step in a good disaster preparedness plan. This bag is designed to save and maintain your life in an emergency. Every person will choose different things to pack in their bag, but there are 10 items that any survivalist should put in their pack. Here is a list of 10 essential items for any bug-out-bag.

1. Water and Purifier

It goes without saying that water is the most precious commodity in a survival situation. A person can last only 3-4 days without water. This makes water and a purification unit a must-have component of your bug-out-bag. You should have enough water in your pack to last 72 hours and it’s a big problem since big supplies of water always mean big weight. If you have to walk, carrying a couple of gallons of water can be a difficult task. Moreover, your water supplies should contain water for washing and cooking as well. Normally, a person should be supplied with 1 gallon of water per day. You may opt for a day amount of water and take a small drinking water filter for the rest. It assumes that you can find water along the way.

Boiling is another way to purify water. This is the surest method of purifying water of bacteria and microbes but only in case boiling lasts not less than 10 minutes. A simple and cheap method of purifying water is by dropping water purification tablets or drops. Let the water stand for 20 minutes before consuming and use powdered mixes to enhance the taste. If none of these methods is available, but there is a water source nearby, you can use the Earth to filter water. Dig a hole several feet from the river or lake and let it fill with water.