3 Grocery Shopping Apps That Will Save You Money


Grocery shopping takes a huge chunk out of our budgets. Well, with a little shopping knowledge you can actually bring your grocery bill down.

Did you know that you can use your mobile device to save some money while doing the groceries? Here are some apps that will help you.

1. Locavore

Buying food that is local and in-season is always cheaper. Locavore will help you look for farmer’s markets, farms and CSAs in your area by using your GPS location.

You can check out what’s in-season or discover new items in your locale. You can also read about a farm or a market before going there so that you have a general idea of who they are and what they offer.

Locavore also gives you recipes to make with your locally bought food and ingredients so you can make the most of your purchases. Locavore supports USA and BC and Ontario, Canada only. Locavore is a free app.

2. Grocery Pal

Are you crazy about sales, discounts and coupons? Well, this app is for you! Grocery Pal will tell you about weekly sales at your favorite supermarkets.

You can also match items against those online to see which one has the lower price. You can scan your list and then Grocery Pal looks for similar products online at lower prices and with free shipping.

Grocery Pal allows you to redeem your coupons using your mobile device with just one tap. You don’t have to bring all your heavy coupons to the store when shopping.

If you can’t let go of your paper coupons, you can easily track them according to their expiry dates, BOGO offers or how much savings you can get. You can organize your list according to the aisles or categories. You can build your list quickly from over a million brands.

You can also easily sync your lists between different mobile devices and browsers. If you need some help shopping, you can send your list via email or text.

Some examples of stores that are featured in Grocery Pal are Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart, Family Dollar, Rite-Aid, CVS and Super Target. There are many more shops to choose from. Grocery Pal is also a free app.

3. Apples2Oranges

Apples2Oranges is a price comparison and unit conversion calculator. Do you compare sizes and prices before you decide which bottle of bleach to buy?

For example, a gallon of bleach costs $0.99 while a 5.5 gallon costs $5.49. You immediately whip out your calculator to see which bottle you get more savings from.

If you shop like that, Apples2Orange is your perfect shopping companion. Just enter the size and price of each item and hit compare and you will instantly know which one is better.

You can also use Apples2Oranges for your diet to compare calories, sugar and anything else on the nutritional label. This app is also free.

With these apps, grocery shopping can be easy and fun! Do you know any other apps? Please share in comments!

Photo: swipenow.com