7 Important Questions to Ask Your Future Roommates


There are several important questions you should ask your future roommates when you talk to them. Sharing a house or apartment can be very stressful, but if you find someone who shares your lifestyle and outlook it can reduce the likelihood of developing problems. Read on and find out a few important questions to ask your future roommates.

1. Means of living

First of all ask your potential roommates how they can pay their share of the rent. Will their parents or grandparents be helping them out? Do they have a student loan, or a job? You are not a charity and you should not carry someone who is always lack of money. If they can’t answer, it’s a warning sign, so be wary.

2. Bills and chores

Ask your future roommates about bills and chores. A lazy roommate who never does anything, except sleeping, drinking, eating and watching TV, will soon get on your nerves. Or if you are pretty lazy, a roommate who always nags you to clean a house may be annoying.

3. Lifestyle

Another important question to ask your future roommates is about their lifestyle. Find out how they like to live, and whether it is compatible with you. Do they like staying up all night? Do they smoke? Party a lot? If your roommate likes bringing home their friends every single night and you want to sleep, it will cause irritation and arguments and have you thinking about moving out.

4. Schedule

Ask about schedule of your future roommates. It could be hard if they work nights and sleep during the day. You do not want to be told off each time you receive a call or open a door. If you are a student and tend to wake up late, a working person who wakes up early in the morning may not fit in well.

5. References

Ask if your future roommates have some references. Keep in mind that a reference is useless if it is given by their friends. You can even ask if your future roommates can put you in touch with their previous roommates or landlords. Ask if the person paid the rent regularly and on time and what they’re like to live with.

6. Boyfriend/girlfriend

It is also wise to ask if they have a boyfriend or girlfriend. If so, ask if they want to have their partner stay over. Sometimes people start by having a partner stay one night, then two, three nights a week, and then you won’t notice how the boyfriend/girlfriend has virtually moved in. This is so annoying if you cannot get in the bathroom or just relax and read a book.

7. Interests

Learning something about your future roommate’s interests will help you to decide whether or not you’ll be comfortable sharing an apartment or house with them. You don’t want to share a house with a DJ, right?! Even if you love their music, your interest will quickly wear off after listening to them practicing every single night.

While asking plenty of questions may seem annoying, it’s essential to try to get good roommates. When you’re sharing a house with someone you don’t get on with, your home life can be pretty stressful and miserable. So make sure you make a right choice! What terrible roommate experiences have you had? Which other questions should we ask our prospective roommates? Please comment below.