7 Inspiring Fall Decorating Ideas for Your House


Now when the summer is over, it’s time to think of some wonderful fall decorating ideas for your house. The breathtaking colors and lively holidays provide plenty of options that will let you spruce up your house for the new season. Below is the list of several inspiring fall decorating ideas for your house. So, keep reading…

1. Apples

Apples are at its height of harvest in the fall and that makes them a festive and tasty decorative element. You can tie some colorful ribbon around the stems and hang apples from a curtain rod to make a beautiful garland. If you are going to host an event, use apples as the place cards for a seating arrangement. Just print names on the small pieces of paper and tie them around the apples. Before a dinner party core apples and set candles inside of them to make a fabulous centerpiece.

2. Leaves

There are many different ways to incorporate fall leaves into your decor. You can buy garlands of artificial autumn leaves and display them along your railings, around your front door and on your mantle. You can also fill a glass bowl or vase with the leaves and use it as a centerpiece.

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3. Hay

Take a few bales of hay and use them to make a welcoming scene at your doorstep. Place bales of hay on your front steps and complete the look by displaying some mums, pumpkins, and any other fall-related things on the top of them.

4. Pumpkins

Another element of the fall season, pumpkins serve as a great decorative accessory. Draw images on them, leave them plain or carve them out and display a collection on your interior or exterior steps. Use pumpkins to guide visitors to your house and line your walkways and sidewalks with pumpkins. Set out a tray filled with small pumpkins in the center of your table or set small pumpkins on your mantel.

5. Acorns

Go on a nature walk with your family and collect many fallen acorns. Glue some of acorns you have collected together to a plain picture frame and use it to hold a fall picture of your family. You can also glue them around the base of pillar candles or fill the bottom of glass canning jars with them and set some candles on top of them.

6. Mums

The beautiful flower of the fall, mums serve as a fabulous decorative element to welcome in the fall season. There are many ways to use these flowers. You can plant them in your garden, place them on your steps, line your walkway with them, or use them to make a nice centerpiece on your table.

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7. Cinnamon sticks

If you want to add an enticing aroma and ambiance to your home, opt for cinnamon sticks. Make a potpourri by putting a collection of cinnamon sticks inside a bowl, a jar, or a vase. Place the potpourri on your table, by your front door or in your bathroom. You can also wrap cinnamon sticks around the outside of candles.

There are so many amazing things about the fall season that there’s no time to think about the summer. What do you think of these fall decorating ideas? Do you have any other ideas? Share them, please.