10 Things to Leave Behind before Your Birthday


The older you are, the more things you get in life. However, it`s actually a wrong belief, because a wise woman is the one who can leave all the superfluous stuff behind but not the one who looks for more and more. As a result, everything she has is only what she needs and what makes her really happy. Reconsider all your past experiences, make needed conclusions and get rid of what prevents you from being successful and feeling perfect. Letting go of the things that hold you back before your birthday is a smart decision. Aim to get rid of these 10 habits before your next birthday.

1. Stop blaming yourself

There`s no need to think that you aren`t making fast progress and blame yourself for your low productivity. Even if you make lots of mistakes, you`re still on the right way – just believe in it. Remember, each and every mistake makes you stronger. Anyway, it`s better to commit mistakes than do nothing at all. Success takes time so wait a bit and don`t give up trying.

2. Get rid of the feeling that you have too much to lose

When you become an old lady, you won`t worry about the things you did. You`ll regret about those times where you didn`t use a chance. Worrying about having too much to lose is even a bit silly. It doesn`t let you enjoy the current moment and breathe freely so better get rid of these useless thoughts before your birthday.

3. Let go of everything that doesn’t make you smile

Life is something to enjoy and to be happy with but not to suffer from. You don`t need to have the things that don`t make you smile and doesn`t let your soul shine brightly. Do your best to protect yourself from negativity and try to focus on the bright side of life instead.

4. Get rid of that heavy burden you don’t need

You grow, get more and more life experience and start realizing what you want and what you don`t what, what you prefer and what you hate, what makes you smile and what makes you cry. Now just look at yourself from aside and say what baggage you should let go of to feel the simplification.

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5. Stop complaining

Complaints will never make you better. They can only take your time and make you look and feel miserable but it`s not what you want. If you don`t like something, try to change it the way you want. If it`s something unchangeable, change your attitude towards it.

6. Overcome laziness

Laziness is the thing you don`t need in your life. What you wish doesn`t matter but what you do matters a lot. A person who always works hard can`t be underestimated so do your best to get what you want and others will treat you better.

7. Stop taking criticism personally

You don`t need an advice on how to live, do you? You know what you want and don`t make others follow your example. Why should you listen to other people`s criticism and opinions? It`s your life only and those who try to teach you or criticize your deeds just waste their time. Do what you want and be responsible for your life instead of listening to them. Don`t let anyone interfere with your business.

8. Stop being afraid of problems

You can`t avoid problems at all and you know it well. They`ll pursue you until you become courageous enough to face and fix them. You can`t change it so it`s better to start treating troubles and difficulties in some other way. Try to see the advantage in every challenge you encounter and take the most out of it.

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9. Get rid of the feeling that it’s too late to start

It`s never late to start living the life you want. Being a loser in your own game is better than being a winner in other`s one. If you feel like it`s time to make serious changes, make them as soon as possible and the world will smile to you.

10. Get rid of the excuses

The one who wants something, looks for the way. The one who doesn`t want anything, looks for the excuses. If you want something with all your heart, you`ll always find a way to get it so focus on what you should do instead of inventing the reason why you can`t do it.

If you`re going to celebrate your birthday soon, think about the things you`d feel better without and try to get rid of them. Then complete your to-do list for the next year and realize that the world is in your hands. Take the initiative and enjoy your life. Do whatever you want and never give up trying because all attempts always get a reward. It`s better to try and fail than to regret about a lost chance. Live your life the way you feel is the best for you and never listen to other people`s opinions. What is the first thing you`ll let go of before your birthday?