Happy Birthday, Mike Dirnt!


The bassist for the band Green Day, Mike Dirnt is celebrating his birthday today! Michael Ryan Pritchard, in a real life, Mike is a vibrant star who has won the hearts of millions of fans.

But did you know that he was adopted or that he was born with a heart problem? I bet no. Here are a few more facts you may not know about Mike Dirnt:

1. Panic attacks

Since Mike Dirnt has some health issues, he sometimes experiences panic attacks.

2. Ambushing fan

In 1994, a security guard at Woodstock mistook Mike Dirnt for an ambushing fan and kicked him, knocking a couple of teeth out.

3. Sister

Mike Dirnt has one step sister. Her name is Myla and no other information is known.

4. Halloween

In 2004, Mike Dirnt dressed up as a vampire. He called his look the “Count Mikeula.”

5. Children

Mike is a dad to three children – Brixton Michael, Ryan Ruby Mae, and Estelle Desiree

Just like anyone’s life, Mike’s life is not all roses. But today we can only wish him the best and have a fantastic birthday party!

Photo: pinterest.com