Happy Birthday, Breckin Meyer!


Today, Breckin Meyer is celebrating one of the best moments in his life – his birthday. The Clueless star, Breckin Meyer boasts incredible talents and interesting life. Here ae a few interesting facts about Breckin Meyer you might not know about.

1. Parents

Breckin Meyer’s parents are Christopher William Meyer and Dorothy Ann, a management consultant and travel agent.

2. School

Breckin Meyer and Drew Barrymore were classmates at the elementary school. He was signed by Barrymore’s agent.

3. Drum player

Breckin Meyer played drums for a solo project of Tom Morello The Nightwatchman and with the band The Street Walkin’ Cheetahs.

4. Kate & Leopold

Breckin Meyer was featured in in Kate & Leopold. He played the brother of Meg Ryan’s character.

5. Reationships

In 2001, Breckin Meyer married Deborah Kaplan, a popular writer, and they have two children together Clover and Caitlin.

We wish, Breckin Meyer, a truly happy and joyful birthday and a long and healthy life.

Photo: pinterest.com