Houseplants You Have to Try to Kill


Have your affairs with plants always been short-lived? Do you recently forget to give them water and light and then exclaim because they shrivel up? Is your schedule too tight for a little plant care? Then there are three plants that are hard to kill!

Columnea gloriosa

Columnea gloriosa also referred to as the Goldfish Plant. This has fiery-red flowers and purplish hairy leaves. All you need to do is water it sparingly and feed with a liquid fertilizer once a month.

Ceropegia Woodi

Ceropegia Woodi is also known as the Rosary Vine. This has stunning heart-shaped leaves. Simply water sparingly and feed with fertilizer once a month during the active growth period.

Rhapis Excelsa

Rhapis Excelsa is commonly known as the Lady Palm because it has fan-leafed palms. Simply place on a tray of moist pebbles and water moderately. Feed with fertilizer once a month.

All these three plants are very decorative, so if you fancy adding a green touch to your house without having to bother with the green fingers, these are the plants for you!