8 Little-Known Things Your iPhone Can Do


Think you know your iPhone well? You may change your mind as soon as you learn these little-known things the latest iPhones can do to boost your mood or simply help you in a fun way. We use our phones daily so knowing their secret capabilities is truly useful. Take a look at the tricks below and feel free to add any other to the list after reading through.

1. Read and reply to the texts

I really love this option. When I am busy typing or writing and have no time for reading my texts, I simply ask Siri to do it for me. Sometimes I even ask her reply to my texts, especially when I’m doing my nails. Just press the Home button, hold it, and tell Siri, ‘Read my text.’

2. Get the best selfie with your headphones

Take full advantage of the volume button or headphones. Taking a photo with one hand can be challenging at times. Open the camera app, hold your phone with two hands horizontally and take a photo by pressing down on the ‘+’ button. If you wear headphones and want to take a selfie, just tap the volume-up button. You will be amazed by the quality of your selfies.

3. Text back faster

You can also reply to your texts faster without Siri’s help. The next time you receive a notification, simply swipe left on the text,and press a blue ‘Reply’ button. Type and send. No need to spend your precious seconds on unlocking the phone.

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4. Set a message expiration date

If you would like your messages to disappear right after you send them or after a certain amount of time, go to Settings > Messages >Audio Messages. Set messages to expire after certain amount of time – typically it’s a two-minute option.

5. “What flights are overhead?”

Ask Siri and she will give you a detailed information about every flight currently right above your head high in the sky. Okay, this one is not that helpful, but curious people love this option. When you have nothing to do, at least learn about the planes flying over your head.

6. The remind me at a location option

I often forget where I should go at the end of the day. Nope, I don’t suffer from memory loss. My day is so stressful and hectic that I can easily forget something. This is my I use the ‘remind me at a location’ option. Go into Reminders and select the option. The downside is that it uses too much battery life.

7. Use LED Flash for alerts

While most people use vibrations and ringtones for alerts, you can stand out from the crowd by using Use LED Flash for all your alerts. Turn on the slider for LED Flash for Alerts to enable the light notification on your iPhone. You can find this option in Settings > General > Accessibility.

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8. Remove advertisements

Are you tired of all those annoying advertisements that distract you from the stuff you read online? Get rid of them by using ‘Reader ‘ that is built into Safari. The small ‘Reader’ button is right to the left of the URL. Click on it and enjoy reading without ads.

I just mentioned a few things your iPhone can do, but I am sure there are many more I have no idea about. What are the other iPhone tricks that you use on a daily basis? I am eager to try them all.