6 Awesome Ways Technology Motivates You


Whether you want to finish writing a novel or lose or gain weight, there are a few ways technology can motivate you. In fact, if you use electronics correctly, they will be very helpful. They can help you reach any goal you set. Here are a few awesome ways technology motivates you.

1. Apps

If you want to lose weight, download some app to track the exercises that you complete and the food that you eat. If you want the best place to store your writings and share it with other people, again find and download the app. Apps are so easy to manage and, what I most like, they are always at hand. Take advantage of the convenience and be sure to use apps for everything.

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2. Tunes

Add some motivational songs to your player and you will feel like time is moving by quicker. It will also give you courage and strength to finish your workout. Try listening to something with inspirational words. It will give you the push you need to keep exercising.

3. Amazing background

Every time you turn on your phone or open your laptop, the background is the first thing you see. Rather than looking at a shirtless celeb, change your background to motivational words or inspirational picture. One of the best ways technology motivates you is by constantly reminding you of your goal. So, don’t forget to change your background!

4. Alarm

Set the alarm of your phone to go off at a certain time every day. It will be a good reminder to do something that you need to do. And if you have an IPhone, it’s even better, since it will allow you to set the words to go along with the alarm. Set a small inspirational quote, so that you are motivated. But make sure you don’t ignore the ringing or hit the snooze button!

5. Pictures

Nowadays we all have opportunity to take pictures with our phones. If you are trying to lose or gain weight, I think it’s a great idea to take pictures of your progress, how do you think? You don’t necessarily have to take pictures every single day, but try to do it at least every week. You see yourself in the mirror daily, so it’s difficult to notice how much you are changing. But when you see different pictures from different times, you certainly notice the change.

6. Inspiration

It’s so nice to feel like you are accomplishing something while scrolling down your favorite sites, isn’t it? The Tumblr pages you follow and YouTube channels you subscribe to provide plenty of the content you see when you log on to the sites. You can follow account that is aimed at giving tips to help you reach your goal, or you might read some success stories that will push you to do something better.

If you’re lacking motivation, try out these simple tips. What are your goals? How does technology motivate you? Please share your thoughts in the comments.