Will You Destroy Your iPhone 7 Just to Test Its Quality?


I am more than sure that your answer will be ‘no.’ After all, who can destroy the thing that costs a fortune? You work hard and save hard in order to purchase that phone and now that you have checked it works just fine someone encourages you to test your iPhone’s quality and durability? No way.

iPhone 7 – Scratch Test

But this vlogger JerryRigEverything did not hesitate and literally torture his iPhone 7 to check out its durability. The video is heart-breaking for those of us who can’t afford to invest in this jet black iPhone 7. Watch how durable his iPhone 7 was before you decide to buy your own one:

I personally can’t imagine doing this to my iPhone…

iPhone 7 – Bend Test

This is what could happen to your iPhone when you stuff everyday items in your pocket alongside your phone. And now the vlogger goes further and put his iPhone 7 through a harsh durability test.

Now that you have watched the video, could you answer the main question, ‘Will you destroy your iPhone 7 just to test its quality?