9 Surprising Things That Make You Break Out


For all women without exception, their appearance is one of the most important things. They always do everything possible to reach the desirable effect. But when it comes to their skin, most women become especially concerned. There are so many reasons for us to worry about our skin and its good look. One of the most common problems disturbing all of us is a facial breakout. I’m sure that unexpected breakouts will certainly upset you. The worst thing is that often we even don’t know what causes these facial issues. When we are unaware of the reasons, we can’t solve the problem easily and quickly. That’s why it is necessary for every woman to get acquainted with things that can lead to breakouts. For instance, one of them can be hormone changes. At different ages we are subjected to estrogen fluctuation in our body which usually results in breakouts. Though, this is not the only reason of your problem. You should definitely find out some other things that can influence badly your skin.

1. Lack of Fat

Once you have decided to lead a healthy lifestyle, you will try by all means to stick to a low fat diet. While being beneficial for your overall health, it can cause acne on your face. However, it doesn’t mean you should consume fats excessively. The main thing is to remember that there are some healthy fats which must be included into your daily diet. These nutrients can be found in foods such as almonds, avocado, coconut products, fish, sunflower seeds olives, flax and hemp. Their anti-inflammatory effect on your skin is undeniable. By eating these foods you have all chances to protect your skin from acne. It’s very important to control the portions of the foods you consume. Be careful with different oils such as hemp, olive and flax oil. Make sure that you use them no more than 2 tablespoons per day.

2. Acidic Foods

Perhaps you won’t believe but acidic foods can be dangerous for your health. They have a great impact on your skin causing numerous breakouts. So, it is reasonable for you to avoid some foods that include refined starches and sugar. Pay much attention to such fruits and vegetables as grapefruit, tomatoes, strawberries and oranges. Their acids may be harmful to your skin. Don’t try to remove all acidic foods from your diet, some of them can be healthy and useful for you. Let us say that lemons and limes will help you to get rid of acne. As for refined starches and sugar, you should forget about them right now!

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3. Too Much Caffeine

Do you usually control your caffeine intake? Lots of people can drink stimulants, black teas, coffee and energy drinks without hesitation. They don’t even guess that can be the reason for their regular breakouts. Despite the fact that these drinks don’t have sugar, they are known to stimulate our hormones. Excessive consumption of caffeine can change your estrogen levels leading to facial problems. Sometimes women don’t understand that their favorite black tea creates havoc on their skin. Try to refuse from all products including caffeine. Instead, you can drink a glass of water with lemon or some juice. It will be more beneficial for your health.

4. Wheat

It should be mentioned that some people are sensitive to wheat products and their consumption can lead to various health disorders. Maybe you are one of those people and you don’t even realize that. Some time ago I ate lots of foods containing wheat and I felt their negative influence on my face. I was sick and tired of those terrible breakouts constantly appearing on my skin. So, I made up my mind to reduce my intake of wheat products and the results were astonishing. Not only my skin cleared up, but I also felt more energy in my body. Why is wheat so bad for our skin? This product needs much time to be digested inside our body and as a rule not all the nutrients can be absorbed. That is one of the reasons you have breakouts. Moreover, wheat includes a lot of acids either. You’d better change this food for brown rice, oats, quinoa that are low in sugar and unrefined.

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5. Lots of Fruit

We all know that fruit is an extremely healthy food which is the main source of vitamins for our body. If you have to choose between sweets and fruit, you should definitely give preference to the second. Though it can be dangerous for some people who are sensitive to carbs. That means if you eat lots of fruit every day, you will have acne on your face. As for me, I can’t live without fruit, but I’ve noticed that whenever I eat it, I suffer from breaking out. Is there any alternative for the fruit you like? Surely, there is. I’m convinced you will enjoy the fresh taste of lemons, berries, avocados and cucumbers. You can be sure they will help purify your skin.

6. Whey Protein

Whey protein is usually used by athletes as they consider it to be better and more effective than vegan protein. I should say that whey protein has some disadvantages which can result in your health problems, such as acne. Unfortunately, most of us don’t know about this fact. In addition, whey protein is high in acids. It is a dairy product which contributes greatly to skin inflammation. Do you feel uncomfortable with acne on your face? I would advise you to stop consuming whey protein for some time and see the results. Hemp protein can be a nice substitute. Due to its numerous natural nutrients and amino acids it will help you to get rid of acne.

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7. Your Makeup Brushes

It is a well-known fact that makeup is one of the causes for our breakouts. But what about makeup brushes? If you use them too often, you should wash them regularly. Otherwise, they will increase the number of breakouts on your skin. Makeup brushes is a wonderful place for bacteria accumulation. It would be nice if you put them in cup with hot water, add some shampoo and leave them for a night. After that wash the brushes thoroughly and dry them with a paper towel. If you are short of time you can even do this with your hairdryer. In summer, you need to put your makeup brushes somewhere in the sun. Make it a rule to clean them at least once a month or even more.

8. Your Moisturizer

Could you imagine that your moisturizer is the reason for your skin problems? I have used different moisturizing products, which to my great disappointment make me break out. I must admit that most oils turned out to be dangerous to my skin. To solve this problem I spent a lot of money. I tried to buy the most expensive moisturizers of the highest quality, but still they didn’t work. Your moisturizer can be one of the reasons why you are breaking out.

9. Busy schedule

To have a good health, a perfect skin and to look amazing you should consider your schedule. If you are busy and you don’t have enough time to rest and sleep, your skin will never be fresh and clear. By being too overloaded during the day you will face numerous stressful situations which can’t be advantageous for your health and skin in particular. What are the consequences of your busy schedule? First of all, it will end in your poor lifestyle accompanied with such bad habits as poor eating, getting less sleep and no exercise. All these aspects can affect your hormones level, causing acne. Do your best to make changes to your schedule in order to have some free time. Finally you will be satisfied with your beautiful face.

Nowadays we can see lots of women who suffer from breakouts on their face. They try to find an effective solution for their problem, but in most cases all their attempts fail as they usually don’t know what causes their breakouts. I hope that all the above reasons will help you to remove acne from your face and make your skin look strikingly beautiful. Do you know any other things that can lead to breakouts? Tell us, please.