9 Most Popular Myths about Being Vegan


Nowadays, more and more people refuse to eat animal products and choose to be vegans. But before they make their final decision, they may be misled by numerous myths about being vegan. Many people think that vegetarian food is bland. Last year I made up my mind to remove meat and dairy products from my diet. While so many vegans try to avoid fish in their menu, I still give preference to this food. I think that being vegan is a wonderful opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle. Here is the list of the most popular myths about being vegan, which I would like to clear up.

1. You Lack Protein

There is a wrong opinion that eggs and meat are the only sources of protein for our body. These foods have become the basic ingredients of our daily menu. You might be astonished a bit, but protein is a nutrient that can be found in various products. No matter what food you eat, you will get the minimum amount of necessary proteins for your body. We have many such plants like oats, nuts, quinoa, seeds, and many others. They can easily supply our bodies with proteins. By turning vegan, you will never lack protein.

2. It Can Help You to Lose Weight

Usually, when women are not satisfied with their weight, they can take all the opportunities to be slim and beautiful. First of all, if you want to lose weight, you should keep to some special diet. Women often think that animal foods are the main reason for their problems, so they decide to eliminate meat and dairy products from their eating plan. But veganism is something different. Those who consider it a kind of diet should understand that it’s a lifestyle. By being vegan, you won’t lose too much weight.

3. The Food Sucks

People who can’t imagine their life without dairy and meat will always find it the most popular myth about being vegan that is really difficult to deal with. If you choose this special lifestyle, you will see that the first few weeks are the hardest to survive. By avoiding all animal products, you’ll have to consume the foods you didn’t use. Still, there are no reasons for you to upset as you have a lot of alternatives to your favorite foods. For example, you can use almond milk or hazelnut milk for making coffee or some other drinks.

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4. You Eat Too Much Tofu and Soy

Some people think that tofu and soy are the only foods vegans can eat. Surely, they are mistaken. Even though tofu is rich in proteins, I wouldn’t say I like it. I have discovered so many beans that can be cooked instead of tofu. As an alternative, you can try to include chickpeas and different vegetables into your diet. You’ll be surprised to know that a great number of dishes can be cooked out of soya mince. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and you will never stick to certain foods on your menu.

5. You Don’t Get Enough Calcium

This is another myth that must be definitely cleared up. We used to think that our body can be provided with calcium only when we eat dairy products. But we don’t even guess how many other choices we have. For instance, if you use hazelnut and almond milk, you’ll get enough calcium for your body to function well. Besides, today supermarkets can offer us a great number of dairy-free yogurts. You should know that green peas are also high in calcium. Make sure to consume all these foods regularly, and you will not suffer from brittle bones.

6. Cooking Is Challenging

Once you have decided to become a vegan, you should change your eating habits and find new cooking approaches. In fact, it’s not as difficult as you can think. Just make it your daily routine, and you will see the difference. When I switched to a vegan diet, I was amazed at how tasty pancakes can be without milk. It is crucial to be creative to cook delicious and healthy dishes using new ingredients.

7. It Is Expensive

It is necessary to mention that veganism has plenty of advantages. Saving money is one of them. Now when I don’t have to buy meat and dairy, I can contribute more to my budget. Did you see the price of meat? Certainly, it’s not cheap, and we can’t afford to buy it every day. That’s why I consider vegetables a wonderful substitute for dairy and meat. If you purchase them, you will not have to spend much money.

8. You Should Forget about Creamy Dish

When I discovered this for the first time, I was really disappointed. I couldn’t even imagine that I wouldn’t have an opportunity to taste my favorite carbonara or something of this kind. But I was lucky to find out oat cream. It’s almost the same as normal cream. So, you can continue cooking exquisite sauces and delicious pasta.

9. You Can’t Eat Out

I think there are no such people who don’t like eating out. Since it’s a nice opportunity to meet with our friends and chat over a cup of tea, we all tend to go to a café or a restaurant from time to time. But when you are a vegan, it can be more challenging for you. Fortunately, today we can find some restaurants that will offer us specialized vegan menus. Places that serve Far Eastern or Middle Eastern foods can be a perfect option for you as they are usually friendly to vegans.

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Personally, I’m not quite successful at leading a vegan lifestyle, but it was really beneficial for my health to remove animal food from my diet. Besides, I’ve got a great chance to experiment with food, creating more tasty dishes. Do you find it difficult to be vegan? Please, tell us if you know any other wrong beliefs concerning this lifestyle.