7 Fantastic Reasons I Can’t Wait for Winter


As fall winds down, have you thought about reasons to look forward to winter? Winter is really fast approaching and there is no way to get away from it. If you are anything like me, you are waiting impatiently for this time of the year, every year.

The warm and cozy clothes, comforting scents, frosty weather, and holiday music – all these little winter things make me happy. And now I would really love to share with you some of my own reasons why I can’t wait for winter.


1. Clothes

Gentle, comfortable materials; great military cuts and fitted lines; oh, boy! Happiness in my heart! Curve-hugging, form-fitting things mixed up with cotton warm pieces.

I’m looking forward all year to taking them out of my wardrobe. If you enjoy winter clothes, especially those oversized sweaters, and frosty weather then you know why this tops my list of reasons to look forward to winter this year.

2. Pumpkin spiced everything

Every season has its own sophisticated scent. Spring is a red nectar flower, summer is clean linen, and winter is pumpkin spice. Definitely, it’s divine to me.

And it’s almost everywhere; from drawer sachets and pastries to coffee air freshener… it’s nearly inevitable. Fortunately, it’s my best fall reminder: spicy, fruity, and warm.

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3. Cuddle time

I agree, that any time of the day, night, or year is great for cuddling. But when it’s frosty and cold outside, I want tender hugs and cuddling closer and longer with the Mr. Warm kisses to heat up the evening, peculiarly when the temperatures go down. So don’t look for your pajamas; cheer up the evening with a little bit of spice and heat.

If you have no boyfriend, it doesn’t mean that you should skip the cuddle time. Your pet or favorite book can keep you company.

4. Comfort food

What’s better than a big bowl of comfort food on a cold winter night? Cooking during the winter season is tons of fun.

Stews, soups, hot chocolate, and delicious desserts make the season incredibly cozy. Those warm foods prepared in hot ovens for cold nights boost my mood and make my partner happy – because I cook only diet-friendly meals during the spring and summer seasons.

5. Boots

My friends call me a boot junkie. I can’t say exactly why I love boots. Maybe because I live in a tropical climate and I don’t have an opportunity to wear them often.

Or maybe because of a wide range of them. Putting on boots with a pair of tights or jeans and a skirt is a reason why I’m waiting for winter. You completely value the feel as well as they look, as it’s only once a year when you can wear them.

6. Holiday music

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… and other wonderful holiday music. All that begins with Halloween music and Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Specials. I can listen to the soundtrack and watch A Nightmare Before Christmas, but it’s specific after the winter solstice.

The atmosphere that comes with music definitely cheers up the season. When you feel exhausted and down, the holiday music can make your day instantly.

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7. Crisp air, brisk walks

Finally, the winter season is perfect for brisk walks. I just love this quick weather variation from days and nights on the end of heat and dampness to frosty nights and cool mornings. It’s wonderful to wake up to fresh and cool morning air.

Winter makes me feel alive, it awakes me from my summer heat coma. Moreover, it reminds me that there is a lot to do. Winter is coming soon, and I’m more than ready! “Mr. Oogie Boogie Man” yelling in the background and hot pumpkin spiced latte in hand. Give it to me, now!

Winter is going to be a happy season for me. I have a long to-do list filled with thrilling activities. Are you waiting for the season change? What are your reasons to look forward to winter? Please, share them!