6 Reasons Why It’s Difficult to Be Just Friends with Your Crush


They say a friendship between guy and girl is impossible. Well, this is a difficult question and I personally think that it`s actually not true.

You just spend a nice time together and laugh and have fun so why not have such a friendship? But being friends with your crush is a really difficult thing.

If you love and don`t want to lose him but you`re in doubt whether he feels the same to you, you may try to pretend that you`re just friends. Even though you feel better than without him in your life at all, there are still some problems you have to cope with and here some of them.

1. You see a candy but you can’t eat it

This situation looks like when there`s a candy that you want to eat but can’t do it. It`s a real challenge. You see him quite often if you`re close friends but you want some more than just seeing each other.

You want him to be thoroughly yours, you want to be closer and you want to hug him every time you see him. You have lovely feelings but you can`t express them and it`s so terribly exhausting that you cry every night and can’t do anything except dreaming about him.

2. You know he likes someone

Being a friend with the guy you love and knowing that he loves another girl… what can be worse? If you find out that he wants to date that girl from a college bar, you may actually go crazy because of this shocking news.

The thing you should never do in this case is to prevent him from that relationship. If you really love him, you wish this person the best thus you wouldn`t try to take his happiness away, right?

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3. You don’t care about anything but him

The world seems to be an empty hole without the sparkle of his shining eyes. You can`t think about anything else except him. You have lots of serious problems in life but nothing else matters for you anymore.

It`s really hard to pretend that you don`t love him as this feeling goes through your soul and showers you with million doubts every moment you two are together. It`s highly important to realize that life isn`t all about your crush only but there are lots of other things you should also pay attention to like family, friends, job, hobby, self-education, etc.

4. You can’t move on

While you can be just friends, don’t expect your love to fade away. It’s a trap. You can`t move on in life as this guy`s beauty, manners, charisma and a good sense of humor make you motionless. You get stuck in his personality and no matter what amazing perspectives you have in life, you just ignore them because he becomes your priority.

Try to avoid going too far in this blind love because you can end up with a broken heart. Life is unpredictable, who knows maybe he loves you too. You will never know it utill you speak to him.

5. You can’t stop suffering

Suffering is all you can get from this wonderful yet cruel friendship. You look into his deep eyes and try to smile but you suffer inside and you know it. You pretend that everything is great but it`s only an illusion and you also know it.

You think about him, realize that there`s no chance for you to be together but you still can`t let him go out of your heart. It`s an awful feeling you need to get rid of as soon as possible because it will ruin you from within in a short time.

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6. You waste your precious time

While you still hope for a miracle, you know that it wouldn`t happen so why not stop it all? Realize that there`s the whole world in front of you ready to make you happy. All you need to do is to look aside from him.

Stop tricking yourself! You`re a strong, independent woman ready for success so think about yourself more often and try to focus on reaching your goals instead. Guys are those that often prevent women from happiness.

Even though they can actually make us feel contented with life, some of them are just a waste of time and effort. If you feel like you waste your time, it’s time to move on.

Being just friend with the guy you love is a tough challenge you shouldn`t go through. You`d better gather all your courage and talk to him about your feelings. It`ll solve all your inner problems, and hopefully, you stop wasting your precious time suffering from being close to your love but having no relationship.

Don`t wait but act instead and you`ll see that your cowardice wasn`t worth it. You’re born to shine bright like a star so why not do that instead of suffering from one sided love?