6 Tips for Dealing with a Flirtatious Coworker


Many women have to deal with their flirtatious coworkers every day. While some people don’t consider it a big problem, others don’t know how to cope with it.

Your workplace is the place where you spend a great deal of your time and it’s so terrible when you have to accomplish numerous tasks and deal with your flirtatious coworker at the same time. Check out the list of 6 tips for dealing with a flirtatious coworker. They do work!

1. Don’t be rude

Sometimes a flirtatious coworker stops chasing a woman when he doesn’t get any response from her. Talk to your flirtatious coworker face to face and let him know that you’re feeling uncomfortable in the office because of his behavior and you want to maintain friendly and professional relations with him. Be polite while talking to him because being rude is not a very smart idea and it can cause a conflict.

2. Keep talking to a minimum

One of the best ways to deal with a flirtatious coworker is to keep your talking to a minimum. Talk to him when professionally required or simply keep yourself occupied with work and give him visible signs that you don’t want to talk to him.

3. Show him you have a man

If your coworker doesn’t know that you have a partner, make sure to tell him about it. If you’ve told him that you’re already committed and he hasn’t any chance, and he keeps flirting, ask your boyfriend or husband or simply a friend to come and pick you up after office, or simply visit you during breaks. This way the flirtatious coworker will understand that he really has no chance and might stop wasting his time and energy on you.

4. Humor

A flirty man always looks out for support from others to court a woman. Why not turn the tables on him and defuse the situation with humor?

For instance, make a joke about the behavior of the flirter when you’re with other coworkers, but make sure he is present too. This will tell other workers about your situation and embarrass your flirter. Maybe this light embarrassment will cause your flirtatious coworker to stop.

5. Stick around with coworkers

Try to spend more time with other coworkers and avoid your flirtatious coworker. He might not dare to flirt in front of other coworkers.

So try to stick around as well as make friends with other coworkers at your workplace. You will get new friends and eliminate an unwanted flirtatious behavior.

6. Complain to a higher authority

If things start to get out of hand don’t be afraid to complain to a higher authority. It’s difficult to work at a place where you feel uncomfortable. If after your warnings your coworker continues to flirt, then it’s time to let a higher authority know about your situation.

Have you ever dealt with a flirtatious coworker? Do you have any tips? Share them please.