7 Most Useful Things You May Want to Collect


I’m one of those people who enjoy collecting things, especially the most useful ones. I think if a person is going to collect something, they should make a smart choice and collect things that they can use frequently, because they are paying a large amount of money for it. If you are going to collect something, consider this list of the most useful things you may want to collect.

1. Scarves

Scarves are my weakness! I have tons of them and I’m not going to stop collecting them. I think every woman should have a great scarf collection.

Scarves are awesome because they can be matched with almost any outfit. You can change your boring outfit completely with this pretty accessory.

I love buying scarves in more versatile patterns and solid colors. I also love mixing it up with different thicknesses and patterns. If you don’t want to collect scarves, what about mugs?

2. Mugs

My sister has over 50 mugs and she is always on a lookout for new ones. The fun thing is that she uses them all on a daily basis. Mugs are extremely useful thing that I believe every person should collect.

I also collect mugs, but my collection isn’t so big. I try to use all my mugs regularly and I must admit it’s fun and it sometimes improves my mood. I recommend you collect mugs because they are useful and you can use them for any beverage, from coffee to tea to juices to water.

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3. Board games

Even if you don’t have kids, you can still collect board games. You can play them with your friends or with your sweetheart.

I love board games and some of my favorite ones are “Apples to Apples,” “Catchphrase,” “Curses,” And “Loaded Questions.” When you have a great collection of fun board games at home, you don’t have to worry about how to entertain your guests and their kids.

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4. Blankets

You might be surprised to see blankets on this list, but they are incredibly useful thing to collect. Sure, some blankets can get worn with age, but if you keep them in bulk, like I do, it will help keep you warm and most of them won’t get worn fast.

There are different thicknesses to choose from. You can buy a lighter blanket, if you don’t like a woolen blanket.

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5. Shoes

If you are a huge fan of shoes, this is probably great news for you. Starting up a shoe collection doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive.

But I don’t recommend buying cheap shoes, it’s just a waste of money. I find shoes useful because we wear them daily. Flats, heels, or boots, the choice is yours.

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6. Candles

Yes, candles are a useful thing to collect since you can use them in your house any time. Whether you’re having company over or curling up to watch your favorite movie, consider lighting a few candles.

There are a huge variety of delightfully scented candles so you can easily make your night more memorable and sweet. I like lightning scented candles after a hard, stressful day, it helps me relax and fall asleep faster.

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7. Books

Although it’s popular to read books online these days, I still love collecting books and, of course, enjoy reading them. Collecting books is an amazing idea since it’s something you can hand down from generation to generation and read when you don’t have the Internet. A fireplace, a cup of hot chocolate and a favorite book, doesn’t it sound great?

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this list of most wonderful and useful things you may want to collect. Are you going to start collecting any of the things mentioned above? What other things are great to collect? Please share your ideas in the comments section.