7 Things That Control Your Life


People are free thinkers and they can do whatever they want. However, there are a few things that control their lives. You like to think that only you are in charge of your own kingdom, but sometimes you cannot change the situation and you cannot control everything in your life. Here are 7 things that actually control your life on a daily basis.

1. Food

Food is definitely one of the biggest things that control our lives. Eating is so pleasurable that it can make you feel better when you are upset or stressed out.

Nowadays society dictates women should be thin, toned and tight, thus making most of us give up most foods and control our calorie intake. Moreover, most tasty foods are linked to high blood pressure, diabetes or cholesterol.

2. Money

Although all the wonderful things in life are absolutely free, many of the necessities in your life are rather costly like shelter, water and food. Plus, we all have bad habits.

One of them is indulging in our wants that makes us eager to earn more money. We often forget to be grateful for the things we have in our lives and we often think of how to make more money to get those luxuries rich people own.

3. Your appearance

Appearance is another thing that can control your life. In some places across the globe it’s bad to be slim while in others it’s a must.

Also, some cultures find dark skin gorgeous while others find fair skin more beautiful. No matter where you live, you strive to reach that standard popular in your country and you worry about your appearance every day.

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4. Your job

Since money controls our lives, you can’t make them without job, right? You work more to earn more. But, when you are too obsessed about making more money, you forget to actually live. A pay raise, a promotion, or a better work is a good goal to have, but if you work too hard you might lose track of life and many things in your life begin to suffer, such as your relationships and your health.

5. Your weight

Yes, weight is a difficult topic for many people. Whether you are heavy or slim, you might be sensitive about your weight. If you are too thin you might sometimes be thought of as a woman who suffers from an eating disorder.

If you are overweigh you can be thought of as a woman who eats a lot and does nothing. My advice to you is to love your weight no matter what people say.

6. Relationships

People in your life love you and have only the best intentions. But, sometimes your partner, family, or friends can be too controlling or opinionated, or too judgmental.

Any relationship is actually a hard work and there is no such thing as a part-time parent, partner or friend. This is why relationships are another thing that controls your life.

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7. Government

Let’s think objectively. You cannot control domestic issues such as health care, education, finances and job creation, as well as foreign issues such as foreign relations or poverty. The government controls all these things and we should be thankful for it.

There are a lot of things that control your life and these are only a few of them. Religion, status and material goods are the other things that can control your life. What things do control your life?