9 Important Things to Know When Dating a Player


3. Constant weeknight dates

If to think logically, the best and the most suitable time for dating is a Friday or a Saturday evening, but you are invited on weeknights only. Do you really know what he’s doing all these time? Maybe he has a family or another girlfriend? However, if you are sure perfectly well that it is his work that keeps him busy at weekend, relax.

Minuses of weeknight dates can be easily turned out into pluses. There are so many wonderful things you and your sweetheart can do together. You can use you weeknights to try karaoke, roller skating or bowling.

These activities are fun and usually much cheaper on weeknights than on Saturday or Sunday. If you enjoy calm and cozy restaurants, it will be much easier to find one during workweek. You will not get irritated by huge queues, noisy company next to you or looking for a free place.

Another amusing activity you can try on weeknights is outdoor movies. This option is available if you live in a big city, though. But believe me, lying under the sky and watching a romantic comedy are a thing to try! But I want to remind you that it works if you are aware of his business at weekends.