7 Handy Tips for Making Freezer Meals


When you are often busy, learning how to make freezer food will be very useful. It’s not necessary to be a chef to figure out how to cook a couple of freezer meals!

If you are dreaming about having some homemade freezer meals in the fridge but do not know what to begin with, take a look at these several ideas and cook it in the right way. It’s simple and quick to prepare freezer foods when you know some tricks for beginners.

1. Prepare your ingredients at once

This small piece of advice will help you to save plenty of time whilst cooking. Prepare all the necessary ingredients beforehand.

Cut and wash the vegetables, spice the meat, and take out extra ingredients you might need. It won’t only take less time for cooking, but will also provide you with all the essential ingredients before preparing your meal!

2. Spread your cooking out over the week

The Internet is rich in information on how to cook freezer foods. An extremely popular idea is having “power cooking” sessions, which means preparing everything in one day. I personally do not want to spend several hours making food each day.

I try to save some meals for the rest of the week. Once I cook breakfast or dinner, I prepare much more of what we are eating. In such a way, my freezer contains lots of different foods which I shouldn’t cook daily.

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3. Label and date your food

Don’t forget to label and date your meal before freezing it in order to eat a healthy meal, not spoiled! The best is to use a sharpie to date and label the meal before putting it into the freezer. Throw out all the food you have not eaten after half a year.

4. Flash freeze for eating on the go

This tip is useful when you want to make some meals for eating on the go. All you have to do is to place the food in the freezer for approximately an hour and put everything in one basket afterward. Undoubtedly, flash freezing is wonderful for bread, burritos, muffins, sandwiches, etc.

5. Know what freezes well

There are meals that don’t freeze in a good way. Such things as fruits, rice, potatoes, pasta are considered to be not freezer ones. You can still freeze it but the food you will get will look a bit different.

Be ready that the texture will be not the same you are used to. Choose meals which your family enjoys and eats often in order not to waste the time preparing food which nobody will eat.

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6. To thaw or not to thaw

A good thing about freezer food is that you are able to take the meal out from the freezer and put it into the oven or allow it to thaw at first. When you decide to prepare it frozen, it will take more time to be ready. When you want to thaw your food first, put it in the fridge or on the table for several hours before starting to cook.

7. Package your food well

I think that a freezer-burned lasagna tastes the worst. Figure out how to wrap the meal in a good way or your food will be spoiled. Place the meal in a plastic bag or pack it in foil. It’s necessary to have it covered. Use disposable containers with a lid that can also serve as ‘plates’ for your food!

Certainly, freezer meals are a perfect option for those times when you do not have any time, desire, or energy to cook. Take advantage when you have some time and cook a few meals at once in order to still eat delicious homemade food!

Would you like to try making freezer meals? Feel free to share your tips for making freezer meals.