7 Modern Meals and Best Wine Matches


Whether it’s a family barbeque, take-out with friends, or a romantic dinner, there are several great choices of wine to match the meal. Impress your friends and loved ones with your excellent wine matching skills. Follow this guide for some delicious meal-matching wines!

1. Classic Barbeque

When the meal is something grilled up on the barbeque and smothered in tangy sauce, a Zinfandel is a way to go. Zinfandel has spicy almost peppery tones and a little fruitiness that makes it a versatile choice for any classic barbeque dish.

2. Sushi

A delightfully light meal like sushi needs to be paired with an equally light and delicate wine. Sauvignon Blanc is a wonderful choice for an evening at the sushi bar. Since most sushi contains fish, Sauvignon Blanc is the classic choice and a perfect pairing. Sauvignon Blanc is crisp, refreshing, and cleansing to the palate.

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3. Chinese Take-Out

When it comes to enjoying a night at home with cartons of Chinese food, the best wine accompaniment is traditionally a Gewurztraminer. This type of wine has a noticeable lychee aroma and distinct floral notes. A great choice for a simple and often oily take-out meal.

4. Salad

With the whole world trying to eat healthier, salad is more popular than ever. Rose wine is the best fit. Rose has been described as an elegant wine that has tones of cherry, raspberry, and other dark red fruit. Some, even present watermelon and citrus tones. This wine is a clean and light flavor companion for salad.

5. Turkey

When turkey holidays roll around, it’s great to know what wines match well with this festive bird. Fruity red wines such as Beaujolais are wonderfully delicious choices. This type of wine is fruity and deep and will add complexity to any turkey feast.

6. Vegetarian

For a vegetarian meal full of different natural flavors, Pinot Grigio is a perfect choice. Also known as Pinto Gris, this wine has a wide variety of tones. From melon and pear to tropical fruits, this wine is complex and can even present tones of honey. A full-bodied option for a vegetarian meal.

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7. Chocolate

There is some debate about whether wine can be paired with chocolate at all. The intense sweetness of the chocolate is the reason there is such a debate. The wine you choose must be as sweet or sweeter as the chocolate. Choose a deep red wine that has been oaked. A Cabernet Franc is a good choice. There are also wines that have slight chocolate or bitter cocoa flavor. These are the best companions for chocolate and will let you enjoy a well-matched glass of wine with a sumptuous chocolate treat.

Wine is a wonderful and elegant accompaniment to any meal. Use this guide to match wines with some of the world’s favorite foods. Impress your family and friends with your wine pairing skills and enjoy a delectably matched meal!