10 Incredible St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Children


10. Make St. Patrick’s Day tee

Photo: ohsarahrose

If your kids enjoy crafting, they will definitely want to make their own shamrock tee. Provide them with plain white T-shirts to decorate, stencils and green acrylic or spray paint to make their own St. Patrick’s Day tees. Make sure to wash the tees before your kids wear them. Since it may be a few days before the T-shirts can be worn, I recommend you to start making them right now. If you want to make St. Patrick’s Day tee, you can make something as simple as you can see in the picture.

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I’m not Irish, but I like to celebrate the Irish culture on St. Patrick’s Day! Are you going to use any of these activities to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your kids? Do you know some other fun activities? Share your ideas with us, please.