10 Incredible St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Children


With St. Patrick’s Day approaching so fast, many of us start thinking about some fun activities to try this year. If you have children, or you just work with them, you might be looking for some fun and creative ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with kids. In fact, there are a lot of St. Patrick’s Day activities for children that you can enjoy together. Take some green construction paper, green food coloring, and anything green you have, and start celebrating with these incredible St. Patrick’s Day activities for children.

1. Cook Irish breakfast

Start celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with an Irish breakfast. Grab the green food coloring and add a bit to your cream cheese, scrambled eggs, and milk, or anything else that you have for breakfast. Your children will scream with delight when they see that their favorite breakfast food has been touched by leprechauns.

2. Make St. Patrick’s Day crafts

Take the glue sticks, the green construction paper, and some other green or even non-green craft things you have. Now put your creativity to work and help your children create St. Patrick’s Day wreaths, shamrocks, rainbows, pots of gold, and anything else that is related to St. Patrick’s Day.

3. Create a leprechaun trap

According to the Irish legend, if you catch a leprechaun, he can lead you to his pot of gold. However, it’s extremely hard to catch them. Have your children help you to make a leprechaun trap using baskets, string, shoeboxes, or anything else that will be useful in trapping a leprechaun.

4. Send your children on a hunt for gold

On St. Patrick’s Day, send your children on a hunt for a leprechaun’s gold. Cut out little green footprints and place them around your house: on the ceiling, on the walls, and on the floors. Place the footprints so that they lead to a pot of gold (it can be chocolate-covered coins.) Ask your little one to follow the prints and find that pot of gold.

5. Have your own parade

If you can’t visit any St. Patrick’s Day parade this year, why not have your own parade in your house? Dress in green attire, paint shamrocks on faces, and enjoy the holiday! You can also have a parade around your neighborhood. Not only your children but also other kids are sure to enjoy it.

6. Go green

This year, take the green theme of St. Patrick’s Day a step further and choose the thing you and your children can do together to have a better impact on our environment. It can be anything from planting a tree, switching to cloth napkins, to recycling paper. Pick out whatever your kids like and do it together. If your kids don’t want to plant a tree, don’t force them to do it. You may encourage them, but don’t force them. You want to see your kids’ smiles, not angry faces, don’t you?

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7. Make St. Patrick’s Day cookies

Ask your children to help you make St. Patrick’s Day cookies. Use your shamrock-shaped cookie cutter to cut multiple cookies and bake them together. Once they are ready, let your children ice them with green icing and then top them with some green sprinkles. This is a really fun and tasty way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

8. Read a book about St. Patrick’s Day

Tell your children about the history of this holiday and let them discover the mystery and magic that is associated with St. Patrick’s Day by reading them a book about this holiday. There are many books about St. Patrick’s Day, from clever tales of leprechauns to historical fiction, you’ll definitely find something for your kids.

9. Dance a jig

Children enjoy dancing and one of the best St. Patrick’s Day activities for them will be dancing a jig. Grab a CD of Irish music and dance a jig together. You may need to teach your children how to dance a jig first, but they will learn the moves very quickly so you won’t have any problems with it. For a modern-day twist, I suggest adding some hip-hop moves.

10. Make St. Patrick’s Day tee

Photo: ohsarahrose

If your kids enjoy crafting, they will definitely want to make their own shamrock tee. Provide them with plain white T-shirts to decorate, stencils, and green acrylic or spray paint to make their own St. Patrick’s Day tees. Make sure to wash the tees before your kids wear them. Since it may be a few days before the T-shirts can be worn, I recommend you start making them right now. If you want to make St. Patrick’s Day tee, you can make something as simple as you can see in the picture.

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I’m not Irish, but I like to celebrate the Irish culture on St. Patrick’s Day! Are you going to use any of these activities to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your kids? Do you know some other fun activities? Share your ideas with us, please.