7 Awesome St. Patrick’s Day Accessories


Every year when March, 17 rolls around, plenty of stores are stocking the most outrageous and craziest St. Patrick’s Day accessories. I love St. Patrick’s Day because this day all people seem to go out in crazy costumes, crazy hats, green body paint, and many more!

If you want to stand out this St. Patrick’s Day, here are some of the awesome St. Patrick’s Day accessories!

1. Full body costume

It may sound fairly tame to dress yourself up in St. Patrick’s Day costume, but putting on a full-body costume is definitely awesome and festive!

If you want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the craziest way, buying a full-body costume is one of the ways to go! I love leprechaun costumes and I’m going to wear them on St. Patrick’s Day this year!

2. Green wig

If you like wigs, purchase a green-colored one for this holiday. You will not only feel the holiday flair, but you’ll also look the part! To have the perfect look combine your green wig with a head bopper!

3. Green body paint

Another common St. Patrick’s Day accessory is green body paint. It can definitely take your garments over the top!

However try to paint green not only a shamrock on your arm, but your whole face for that crazy St. Patrick’s Day look! And if you are more adventurous than me, paint your arms and legs or even your whole body green!

4. Vehicle costume

Decking your car out with shamrocks is a perfect vehicle costume that turns your car into one great St. Patrick’s Day accessory! Just show off your Irish pride in the greatest fashion possible by festively decorating your car with plenty of green St. Patrick’s Day décor!

5. Shamrock slotted sunglasses

The next accessory is shamrock slotted sunglasses, which aren’t your typical pair of sunglasses. They are shamrock-shaped and much larger than usual sunglasses, so they will certainly make you stand out from the crowd.

6. Head boppers

Head boppers are just green headbands with bobbling shamrocks on the top. These head boppers are one of the best St. Patrick’s Day hair accessories!

If you combine them with some other green accessories, you will be able to create an amazing outfit for St. Patrick’s Day on a budget.

7. Beer mug hat

I like hats that look like beer mugs! They are so popular now! The bigger the hat size, the better it is! These kinds of hats are good for St. Patrick’s Day, so make sure to buy one, if you really want to look festive this holiday!

Combining different green accessories can give you that crazy St. Patrick’s Day look, so choose one big accessory or a few green accessories to make a celebratory impact.

Well, do you like St. Patrick’s Day? Are you going to dress up for the holiday? Can you name some other St. Patrick’s Day accessories? Share your thoughts, please!