10 Cool Street Chic Summer Accessories


This summer is so abundant in cool accessories, that I couldn’t even describe them all in one article. World’s brands and fashion giants created so much cool stuff for us, girls. So we can look like real stars walking down crowded streets this summer. Let’s take a look on the 10 coolest street chic summer fashion accessories.

1. Hermes Belts

Leather belts are the best way to accentuate your sense of style and individuality. Hermes belts of different colors are the best summer street chic accessory.

2. Black Bow Headband by Eugenia Kim

Hairbands are extremely popular this summer. Whether it can be a tropical flower on a band, or a shiny metal-textured lace or a French braid headband: whatever you decide to put on your head- everything turns out to be the best fashionable choice. I recommend you to take a look at this black bow headband by Eugenia Kim .

3. Leopard Print Straw Hat

Different types of hats continue to be one of the most trendy summer accessories. Straw summer hats and light-weight crochet hats with a cute pattern are at the peak of their popularity this summer. Awesome leopard print straw hat at asos.com worth your attention.

4. Juicy Couture Beach Bag

Large and cheap beach bags are the most demanded accessories this summer. Canvas or straw, designer or just mass market common bags – you can always make your choice from this great variety.

5. Snooki Sunglasses

All you need to look at the top of fashion this summer – are cool sunglasses. Summer 2011 is rich for classic and freaky models. Take a look at Oakley or Tom Ford oversized Sunglasses, they have nice quality and classic shapes. If you are In search of something unusual, check out Snooki sunglasses, decorated with crystals and rhinestones…But I don’t really know if you actually will be able to see something through these lenses…)

6. Pandora Bracelets

Jewellery is amazingly popular every summer. Take a close look at Pandora Bracelets. You can get easily lost in this wide choice of leather, textile, gold and silver Pandora bracelets. Also I recommend you to check out breast cancer awareness rubber bracelets. They’re gathering popularity all around the world.

7. Rainbow Umbrellas

When it rains we all want to stay cozy and dry. What you need in such situation is a great umbrella that will protect you from bad weather. Best umbrellas you can find at ebay.com They’re large enough to cover 2 persons at the same time and colorful enough to raise your spirits even in the rainy dull day. My heart was taken away by this rainbow-colored umbrella…

8. Gucci Diamond Watches

Ladies watches are the must-have summer accessory. Speaking about brands Swatch, Gucci and Michael Kors watches are the most wanted among fashion keen ladies. Gucci diamond watches are just perfect: decorated with 11 diamonds and sapphire crystal, stainless and water-resistant. They will be perfect addition to your image of a romantic person and clever business lady.

9. Silk Louis Vuitton Scarves

Silk scarves remain a favorite of all women, because every wise and fashionable woman can use the scarf for different purposes. For example when it rains, you can cover your head with it, or on the beach you can tie it up as a turban or you can just warm yourself just put it over your shoulders. Check out Louis Vuitton scarves and shawls.

10. Lua Pele Earrings

I don’t think many of us can afford Kate Middleton diamond earrings, but there are still lots of earrings that worth our attention. Surfing the net, you can always find some fashion diamond earrings, cute studs and hoops, and for exotic-oriented ladies- long feather earrings. Tribal motives are always at the top of fashion.

So these are the top ten cool street chic summer 2011 accessories. I hope this info was useful to you and by the way, do you know some other eye-catching accessories?