10 Flattering Colors for Olive Skin Tone


If you have olive skin tone, then lucky for you! Olive skin color is one of the most luxurious and lovely of all possible tones. Those with this olive skin likely also have luxuriantly dark or brown hair, and brown or perhaps hazel eyes.

Undoubtedly, you turn some heads when you walk into the room. But if you do have olive skin tone you’ll want to highlight your own natural beauty by wearing those colors that most enhance your skin. Read on to discover 10 flattering colors for olive skin tone.

1. White

Those people who were blessed with an olive skin tone will want to show it off as much as they possibly can. And what better way to highlight an olive complexion than to set it off against a white shirt or dress. White will make your skin look deep, dark, and rich.

2. Maroon

Another great color for the person with olive skin tone, especially in the colder months, is a dark red or maroon color. Various shades of maroon will give you a warm and inviting glow, letting you really light up a holiday party or any other important event.

3. Pink

Men and women with olive skin who want to add some flair and vigor to their wardrobe will definitely benefit from the purchase of a pink shirt, blouse, dress, or accessory. Pink brings vibrancy and a dash of sex appeal to the olive skinned person, particularly on a nice summer’s day.

4. Green

Not many people really understand how great of a choice green, and especially olive green, can be for those with olive skin. But this shade of green looks great contrasted against your eyes and hair. Women with longer hair will want to let it cascade across the shoulder of a green blouse to excellent effect.

5. Yellow

Most men and women with an olive skin tone have underlying tones of yellow in their skin. Thus, adding a yellow shirt, tie, or even hair accessory can really bring these warm and subtle tones to the surface. Try yellow any time of the year but especially on a bright spring day.

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6. Black

Black is one of those colors that looks good on most any person, but that doesn’t mean that those with olive skin tone should neglect black in their wardrobe. Black can really deepen the dark eyes of someone with this shade of skin and bring out the natural luster of your complexion.

7. Dark blue

Winter time is an especially advantageous season for people with olive skin since the darker colors really look great on these men and women. And, when stepping out on a cold winter’s night to head to a cocktail party or celebration, a blue sweater or evening dress will highlight the warm tones of an olive complexion.

8. Purple

Did you know that purple is the color of royalty? Well, it is. It’s the color that kings and queens of yore would wear so that everyone would know they were the ones in charge! And those with olive skin who want to take charge or their own personal beauty should think about adding purple to their clothing repertoire. It’s a great choice for adding depth to an olive skin tone.

9. Brown

Sometimes the best way to bring notice to something is to put something very different next to it. That’s why men and women with olive skin look great in white.

Other times, though, the best way to attract the eye is through its compliment. If your olive skin tends toward the brown side, give it some help with a brown sweater, hat, or blouse.

10. Mustard

Finally, to round off our color wheel for those with olive skin tone, don’t forget that classic, mustard, whether as an accessory or a main article of clothing. With its mixture of yellows, browns, and greens, mustard plays off many of the best color choices for this skin tone. The underlying shades in your skin will be highlighted and enhanced any time of the year.

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The above is an excellent guide for those with olive skin to enhance and strengthen their natural loveliness and luster. Please note, however, that, just as two people never have exactly the same skin tone, the same color eyes, or the same shade of hair, no two people will look their best in any one color or set of colors.

Thus, whether you have olive skin or fair, you will want to experiment with your color choices and find out what works best for you. If pink looks simply blah on you but ivory looks outstanding, then of course that’s the way you will want to go. Just remember that we are all beautiful in our own unique manner and that there’s a sweater, shirt, blouse, hat, or dress out there that’s got your particular name on it.