Brief Guide to Taking Photos in London


Taking a trip to London is an exciting time for any dedicated traveler, especially those who love to take photos. The city and its surrounding boroughs have so many picture opportunities that it can often seem overwhelming where to start.

Before packing your camera gear, there are a few things to keep in mind as far as where you are permitted to take pictures and which accessories you will be allowed to use. It also helps to have a list of locations you want to visit beforehand to make sure you get to all of them. The following are some guidelines to follow and suggestions to get you started.

Security Guidelines for Photography in London

When looking for places to take interesting shots in London, there are plenty of good locations; however it is important to know the photography guidelines before you go. Many public places in London are owned privately, and local security does not allow photography with semi-professional or professional equipment, namely tripods.

The London Eye and Canary Wharf are two examples of this restriction, and the British Transport Police also prohibit tripods in the London Underground and other railway stations. Most museums also do not allow them as well. Knowing these photography rules and guidelines in advance will prevent possible later inconvenience.