9 Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Live Alone


When people live alone, they are free to do whatever they wish, and nobody can restrict them. There are also lots of people who live alone due to different circumstances. For example, they are single because they can’t find their love or they have divorced.

Freedom is something that we all need from time to time. So, it can be a nice idea to move out and live apart from others. I think it is really good for young people who have just graduated from the university and want to start a new independent life without parents.

However, before taking this decision, you should consider certain bad habits that may spoil your life. Here is the list of some bad things which you have to avoid by all means.

1. Not washing your dirty dishes

Sure, it doesn’t mean that all people who live alone don’t wash their dirty dishes regularly. First of all, it depends on your personality.

But if you don’t share your apartment with anyone else, you’ll be relaxed and let your dirty dishes pile up. This is one of the worst habits you should be aware of.

If your dishes stay dirty for one day or even more, it won’t be easy to clean them, and you’ll have a big amount of work to do. That’s why you’d better wash upright after eating. It will be a great shame when your friends come to you and see dirty dishes in your kitchen.

2. Eating or drinking directly from the container

Those who live alone usually tend to eat various foods directly from the container, and they rarely use glasses for drinking beverages like wine or beer. To my mind, you’ll look disgusting when drinking straight from the bottle.

Try to get rid of this negative habit to look more attractive in the company of others. I’m sure you’ll get more pleasure from your food when eating it from your favorite plate.

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3. Leaving up decorations

Most of us have a terrible habit of leaving up decorations after Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Birthday Parties, and other holidays. Definitely, we like that festive atmosphere in our home, and bright decorations are the only way to prolong those happy moments. But at the same time, it may not be enjoyable for everyone who visits you.

Your guests will not understand you if they see your Christmas decorations a few months after the holiday. Thus, you ought to take down all decorations when the festivity is over. Otherwise, you will never do this.

4. Eating too much food

If you live alone, you will constantly lack communication with other people, and you can sometimes be bored. In this case, watching television and eating food is the easiest way to entertain yourself and feel happier.

Every time you desire to talk to someone, you go to your kitchen and eat tasty foods that are generally high in calories. For many people, this is a substitution for live communication. We rarely think that this satisfaction is dangerous to us and very often it leads to overweight.

5. Not changing your bed sheets regularly

Whether you live with your family or alone, you must not forget to change your bedsheets. There aren’t any excuses for you, except you are ill or injured.

Make it a rule to change your bedclothes once a week. Moreover, it would be good if you wash your pillowcases more frequently as they get dirty very quickly.

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6. Not cleaning your kitchen and bathroom

The places in your home, such as the kitchen and bathroom, are used every day, and consequently, they need to be cleaned regularly. Sure, it won’t be pleasant for you to cook your dinner in the kitchen where everything is covered with mold or take a shower in a messy bathroom. No matter how busy you are, you should always find time to clean these special rooms in your flat.

7. Being too lazy

Undoubtedly, you’ll have a great temptation to sleep more in the morning, especially on the weekend. There are some days when you want to pamper yourself, though you should bear in mind that sleeping too much is the first step to your laziness.

You can do plenty of interesting activities instead of having a nap. Life is so colorful and exciting that you can’t waste your time for sleeping.

8. Being a hermit

Once you have moved out, you will highly appreciate your own space and freedom. From the first days of your independent life, you will be happy to stay at home at every possible opportunity and relish your solitude.

As a rule, people who spend much time at home prefer watching TV or surfing the Internet, and these activities alienate them from the real world. If you don’t want to be a hermit, you should break this bad habit immediately. Go out with your friends and play your favorite sports for a change.

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9. Hoarding

Don’t be lazy and always keep your house clean. To avoid heaps of trash around your home, you are to take out all unnecessary things several times a week. Living in a mess is not comfortable.

So, why not throw out your garbage and make your room the best place to live in? Stop hoarding things, and you’ll be amazed at how much space you have in your home.

Living alone is an excellent experience that can be useful for everyone. Nevertheless, it is important to pay attention to your lifestyle when you move out since you’ll be subjected to numerous bad habits that may complicate your life.

Have you ever lived alone? Which bad habits did you have?