7 Fantastic Winter Sports Activities You Will Love


Are you going to go on winter holidays? No? Your plans should be changed immediately! You should take your winter vacation and plan an unforgettable winter holiday that you`ve never had before.

There are so many amusing and challenging winter activities that you haven`t probably even heard of. It is not only about skiing and skating, but there are also many other winter sports activities you can try, and you should try them!

Those mountains capped with snow, woods wrapped in a white shawl, and delicious hot drinks to warm you up after your adventures, words can`t describe how inspiring it is. All these will give you a powerful charge of energy to live on. So here are 7 fantastic winter sports activities you will definitely love.

1. Volcano skiing

Are you bored to death by ordinary skiing? Do you want to verify it? So, here is the solution for you! Choose volcano skiing.

To try this activity you`ll probably need to go to remote places or even other countries but don`t miss the opportunity if you have one. The difference with regular mountain skiing is not big, but at the same time, it is huge! Instead of a mountain peak, you`ll have to conquer an active volcano.

No frozen lakes and pine forests around you. You`ll have to maneuver around lava flows and lava lakes. How do you find this?

2. Heli-bob

This is a very extraordinary kind of activity and it is definitely not for the faint-hearted. The name is a combination of two words helicopter and bobsleigh. How are they combined in one activity? I`ll tell you.

Firstly you board a helicopter and head to the slop awaiting you. During the flight, you are guaranteed to see fascinating and unforgettable views of the land covered with snow below.

At the destination point you there is a bobsleigh track and you are supposed to slide down on it. Don`t worry if you are not a champion in bobsleigh as there will be a professional who will speed you through all the twists and turns of the ice track. So hold on tight!

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3. Snowshoeing

It seems to me that people have been using snowshoes to walk over the snow easily since the old times. But this activity has gained the status of a type of sport only recently.

Qualified instructors conduct various tours around the mountains and woods which is a completely different experience than skiing. Such a tour is a unique opportunity to get closer to nature, to enjoy breathtaking views, and to burn up some calories as well.

4. Airboarding

This relatively new type of winter sport will definitely make your heart thump and adrenaline rush in your veins. Not many people know this kind of action sport. When air boarding you sled down the slope on a special air-inflated board lying on it with your face down.

There are specially designed grooves on the bottom which serve as a means of control for you to turn round corners and to maneuver through obstacles. Unfortunately, this kind of winter activity is not yet widely spread so you are to check beforehand whether the resort offers it.

5. Husky sledding

This kind of activity is worth our close attention. You don`t have to be specially trained for it because what you have to do is sit in the sled and enjoy. On the other hand, you can have a private lesson and learn how to drive the team of а cute pups and then do it yourself.

Moreover, this may become a really romantic journey for the two as the sled permits. Just imagine you two far away from crowds and civilization, with only borderless white space around you, carried away by a relay of huskies.

6. Ice skating

It is obviously not a new winter sport but you have to know that it is always a challenge and great fun. If you have a skating rink somewhere in your city it is a perfect opportunity. There`s no need to go on vacations to skate.

A professional instructor will teach you to balance and after countless falls you will be a success. When you get good enough there will be so many other opportunities opened up before you connecter with this sport. For example, ice hockey, figure skating, speed skating, you can choose what you like most.

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7. Biathlon

Without a doubt, you have seen the broadcasts of biathlon competitions on TV but did you try it yourself? It is a good idea to have fun during your vacations. This kind of winter sport is not easy to find to practice on some kind of a resort but it is definitely worth that long search for it.

Biathlon is very popular in the Baltic and Nordic countries, so maybe it is not a problem to try it there. But, what I can say for sure is that you will ski to your heart`s content and shoot much to pour your heart out.

Winter is a great season with numerous opportunities to spend time merrily. Did you try any of those kinds of sport I`ve described above? What are your impressions? I`ll be glad to find out what you do during your winter holidays!