Designing the Best Room for Your Child: How to Do It on a Budget

Designing the Best Room for Your Child: How to Do It on a Budget

I think all caring parents should pay more attention to the choice of room design for their children. Your children’s room is the place where your little ones spend the majority of their time, where they grow and develop their individuality, learn new things and play with their favorite toys. That’s why it’s important to design the best and the most comfortable room for your children, taking into consideration their tastes and personality. If they don’t like their room’s furniture, accessories or the color of wallpapers, they will feel unhappy and even lose the desire to learn and play.

When I was a child, I dreamt about bright and exciting bedroom with colorful furniture and funny decorations, but there was nothing special in my room: only toys and a few cheerful pictures on the wall could tell you it was a child’s room. We lived in a small flat and due to that my parents couldn’t implement their great ideas for designing my room. Every time I visited my friend, I was fascinated by her colorful and playful room, which filled me with positive emotions. So, when I had given birth to my own child I strongly decided to design a cosy and beautiful room for her. Now my little daughter feels absolutely happy and enjoys playing in her room throughout the day.

In case you are going to prepare a new room for your kids, bear in mind that you can do it easily even without spending lots of money. I hope that the following tips will help you to create an unforgettable playroom for your little ones.

1. Consider the Space

The first thing you should do while designing a children’s room is to measure it and make sure there will be enough space for your kids to have fun and play around. Personally I tried not to use too much furniture in my child’s room since it could constrict her movement and make her feel uncomfortable. Thus, I recommend you to avoid cramming the room with unnecessary furniture items if it has a little space. Perhaps you have another room in your flat that can give more freedom for your kids to enjoy their personal activities. The main rule you should stick to is to keep a small room simple and neat, otherwise it will have a cluttered and messy look.

2. Choose the Right Color

Without a doubt, color plays a significant role in decorating the room for your kids. You can use the colors that can’t be found in other areas of your home. Nowadays there’s a wide range of colors and their combinations that will look marvelous in your child’s room. Before opting for the most suitable color scheme I suggest you to take into account the preferences of your little one.

From my personal experience I know that it’s really important to consider their tastes, no matter how old they are. Don’t be afraid to mix colors and combine them in different parts of the room. I used light green wallpapers for my daughter’s room and added this color to such items as a bed and carpet. When it comes to decorating kids’ room, bright hues are the most preferable choices as they make it look more spacious.

3. Opt for Cheap Furniture

As I mentioned above, you don’t need a lot of furniture for a small room, however, it should be designed specifically for children since safety is the most crucial thing to consider when furnishing their room. Surely, all parents want to get high-quality furniture for their loved ones, but what should we do if it is rather expensive for us? I’ve found a nice solution for this problem. Since I didn’t have enough money for new items, I purchased good quality used furniture and I’m still satisfied with my choice.

Nowadays there are lots of Internet services that will help you to buy whatever you need without leaving your home. Another cheap and creative way to design your child’s room on a budget is to polish old items with new colors. When I couldn’t find a table for my daughter’s playroom, one of my neighbors gave the old one to me so that I only cleaned it up, painted and a new item appeared in the room.

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4. Design the Lightning

Today you can buy numerous lamp shades to design the lightning in your kid’s room. Unfortunately, the most interesting and unique ones are very expensive. Though, it doesn’t mean you can’t buy something at a reasonable price. All you need is to be creative and you will definitely manage to get adorable decoration for the playroom. When I designed the lightning in my child’s room, I used only ceiling light and simple light switch that could guarantee my daughter’s safety.

5. Add Wall Hangings

One of the cheapest and most creative ideas for decorating children’s room is using various wall hangings that will add some sophistication and uniqueness to your children’s room. It will be a splendid decision to frame your kid’s photos and hang them on the wall – they will always create warm atmosphere in your home and remind of the most precious moments in your life. Floral and animal wall stickers helped me to implement my great decorating ideas on a budget.

Taking into account my own experience, I should say that designing a new room for kids is not as difficult as you may think. My creativity and enthusiasm are the main things that helped me to make my daughter’s room a pleasant and comfortable place to live in. Remember that your child’s mood, happiness and attitude to life are greatly dependent on his/her surroundings. That’s why you should spare no efforts and time to design the best and most comfortable room for your little one. What ideas did you use while designing and decorating your child’s room?