7 Ways to Redo Your Baby’s Nursery without Spending Too Much


Want to redo your baby’s nursery, but don’t have a lot of spare cash to throw away on decorating? Baby’s nursery doesn’t need to be super stylish or fancy, it just needs to be functional. Check out a few ways to redo your baby’s nursery without spending too much!

1. Create a fun design

If you’re tired of those plain white walls, why not jazz it up a little? Create a fun design using stencils! It’s simple and cost-effective.

You can also use sponges to put a few unique patterns on walls. Another option is peel-off wall decals, which you can buy in most drugstores in the child’s section.

2. Repaint furniture

One of the easiest ways to redo a nursery without spending too much is to repaint furniture! It’ll instantly change up the look of the nursery, especially if you select a color opposite to the current color.

If you choose a neutral shade for your base color, you can accent it with a pastel or bright color! Be sure to use the paint that is safe for a baby’s nursery!

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3. Create something cute with fabric scraps

If you are somewhat handy with a sewing machine, use some fabric scraps to whip up a new tablecloth or new curtains. If you have no idea how to sew, use fabric scraps to make something cute.

Take a foam wreath form, cut the cloth into strips, and wind it around the wreath until foam is covered. Embellish a wreath with things of your choice.

4. Make a chalkboard wall

Have you ever heard of accent walls? And a chalkboard wall? Paint one wall of the nursery with some chalkboard paint.

You can draw nice designs on there and when your kid gets older, it’ll be a perfect place for him or her to release inner creativity!

5. Think about what’s important

Remember your baby doesn’t need luxury nursery furniture, but it will be a good idea to buy a comfortable rocking chair, especially if you breastfeed. Decide which important things you need to buy and try to go a cheaper route.

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6. Accept hand-me-downs from friends

There is nothing wrong with accepting hand-me-downs from your friends. If you’d like a new carpet for the nursery floor, or if you are tired of your baby’s crib set, using hand-me-downs is one of the best ways to try out a new color or even design!

Check thrift stores and secondhand stores in your area for good deals. But make sure you wash all purchases before using them.

7. Choose one or two items to splurge on

It’s important to understand that a nursery is for your baby. Your child is not going to care or notice what the nursery looks like for at least the first 2 years.

Don’t feel the need to spend a lot of money on décor! Choose a few things to splurge on, and use them as the center attractions!

Do you have any other tips for redoing a nursery without spending too much? Share your thoughts, please!