21 Best Makeup Tips for Girls Who Wear Eyeglasses


Makeup tips for girls who wear eyeglasses are difficult to find. Trust me, I’ve already tried! I’ve searched all over the Internet and I’ve put together the best makeup tips and tricks for girls with eyeglasses so that you can make the most of your wonderful fashion accessory!

1. Thin eyeliner

This tip is really simple! When your glasses have thin frames, never be afraid to take a thin eyeliner and make small lines Your eyes will look fantastic!

2. Smudged eyeliner

One more great makeup tip for women who wear glasses, which I personally constantly use, is a smudged eyeliner! If you apply a bit on the lower or upper lid, it will definitely attract people to your eyes.

3. Shape your brows

Keep in mind, if you are an eyeglasses wearer, be sure that you have shaped your brows according to the frame. It will make your eyes more expressive.

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4. Use eyeliner all the way around

If your eyes seem much smaller because of the eyeliner, try to make them a bit bigger simply using your liner all around the eyes! This trick is tried and tested and perfect for every girl who wear eyeglasses.

5. Brighten up under eyes

A small amount of light cream or maybe some sort of powder can actually do a big job, if you want to brighten up under the eyes! Simply apply a bit and you will see the result!

6. Use mascara

Most of the makeup ideas for women who wear glasses which I’ve looked through say that you shouldn’t use mascara since it will stick to your glasses’ lenses, but believe me it’s not true. In fact, mascara will make your eyes stand out, so use your mascara whenever you want!

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7. Highlight cheekbones

I think you’ll agree that your cheekbones are an important part to highlight the makeup! Apply a small amount of highlighter or perhaps a light foundation along your cheekbones to highlight them.

8. Light eyeliner

Sometimes your eyes can seem much bigger because of the glasses. In order to avoid it apply a bit of eyeliner and do not go round the eyes. You will see that your eyes won’t look so big but more natural!

9. Great complexion

If you are a glass wearer, your main problem probably is how to make your eyes more expressive, be sure that your complexion will help to achieve this! All you need is to pick up a wonderful foundation and highlight your complexion! Do you see the result now?

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10. Stay neutral

If you wear glasses, you are extremely lucky since you can always be beautiful with the neutral eye makeup. It’s because the bright makeup will not be actually seen behind your trendy glasses.

11. Double mascara

One more option is to use double mascara if you want to make your eyes expressive! Covering your lashes two times with mascara can really make it more beautiful!