9 Acne Myths You Should Ignore


4. Never Pop a Pimple

There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that popping pimples is harmful or that it increases risk of infection or future outbreaks. In fact, eliminating pimples that have white or yellow centers will initiate healing and help to combat bacteria. In general, popping pimples with a white or yellow head is a good idea, but popping others only causes more inflammation. Popping pimples won’t cause scars, but picking at the skin around the pimple or picking the seal that forms after popping one can cause scars.

There is a right way to pop a pimple. First, disinfect the skin with rubbing alcohol and then gently prick the pimple with a pin or needle. Go for the white center because it won’t hurt to prick that area. Make only a tiny hole and never push the needle deep into your skin. Next, squeeze the sides of the pimple to expel the puss and debris. Stop when clear liquid comes out. Finish up by applying some benzoyl peroxide. NEVER pop deep, painful lesions. Deep cystic acne needs to be treated by a dermatologist.