14 Tips to Follow to Look Good in the Morning


Every woman wants to look good in the morning, and she has some secrets about how to do this. But if you don’t know how to look great every morning, keep reading, because I’ve got some tried and tested tips for you. Even if you’ve had a sleepless or a crazy drunken night, it’s still possible to look refreshed in the morning. Read on to learn a few tips for looking good every morning.

1. Extra pillow

If you suffer from puffiness, you know how terrible it can be to wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy but looking haggard. To prevent puffiness, try to sleep with an extra pillow to keep your head in a slightly elevated position. Sleeping with your head slightly elevated helps prevent fluids from accumulating around your eyes and so reduces puffiness. This tip is also great for those who snore.

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2. Vitamin supplement

Today, many vitamin and mineral supplements are available to make you upbeat in the morning, especially if you’ve had too many alcoholic drinks. A vitamin B12 complex or a fish oil supplement can help you feel refreshed, alert, and focus better during those busy morning hours.

3. Green tea

A warm cup of green tea in the morning will help increase your blood circulation, boost your energy level, and will make you feel refreshed and full of energy. This is one of the most effective tips to follow if you want to look good in the morning.

4. Caffeine

When you wake up with dark circles under your eyes, give your face a dose of caffeine. It helps reduce dark eye circles and enhance your skin texture by providing stimulation. Place warm teabags over your eyes for a few minutes, and you will feel refreshed at once.

5. Enjoy nature

This technique has helped many people improve their eyesight. Get up early in the morning and go to a park or just sit in your front yard to be amidst nature. Looking at the greenery and freshness of nature around you will instantly make you feel upbeat.

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6. Skip applying foundation

Instead of applying foundation, opt for a good vitamin-enriched moisturizer because your body needs to be rehydrated in the morning. A few layers of foundation will only make your skin look dry, dull, and completely lifeless.

7. Highlight your skin

To look refreshed in the morning, you may need to highlight your skin. I usually apply a skin highlighter, and it helps me a lot! You can use a little bit of highlighter on your forehead, cheekbones and blend the shade to make your face look beautifully luminous.

8. Minimal eye make-up

Finally, the last important tip you need to follow to look good in the morning is to opt for very minimal eye make-up. Avoid wearing heavy strokes of a liner. It’s better to use neutral-colored eyeshadows, followed by a few gentle strokes of your mascara. To accentuate your lips, use a brighter shade of lipstick or a gloss.

9. Get enough sleep

The most important tip anyone can give you that will guarantee a brighter morning is to get enough sleep. Now I’m certain many of you have heard this one before, but here’s why it’s so important—hundreds of studies have proven that most of us don’t get enough sleep, and this can lead to some pretty ugly outcomes.

Sleep deprivation causes headaches, mood swings, irritability, memory loss, weakness and keeps you from focusing in class. A loss of sleep is also the number one reason college students feel sadness or depression. Making sure you catch at least 8-9 hours of sleep each night is extremely important for your mind and body because, during this time, your body re-energizes itself and cleanses your system. However, if you absolutely cannot get enough Z’s during the week, make sure you catch up on them over the weekend.

10. Stretching

Next time you wake up, take a cat’s example and start the day with a slow, steady stretch. Stretching in the morning is an excellent way to loosen up your muscles and get your body ready for the day. Stretching is especially important if you usually sleep curled up. Your muscles need that extra work in the morning to get your circulation going, too. If done properly, stretching will also prevent injuries and allow your muscles to achieve their maximum potential.

It will also reduce psychological and physical tension, nervousness and will stabilize blood pressure. Try arching your back and holding for a count of ten or bending over and touching your toes before getting out of bed. After stretching, take four long deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. This will make you feel refreshed and clearheaded for the rest of the day! Your nose and out through your mouth. This will make you feel refreshed and clearheaded for the rest of the day!

11. Coffee or hot water with lemon

A lot of us run straight for the coffee to rev us up in the morning. However, coffee isn’t all good, seeing as it causes heart rhythm disturbances, heartburn, cholesterol, and dehydration. Next time you need a morning pick-me-up, try ditching the coffee for a cup of hot water with the juice of half a lemon. Not only will you feel calm and refreshed, but the mixture will also help cleanse your body and liver. This combination is especially beneficial if you had an alcohol-fueled night.

12. Cold shower

One of the best ways to get your body going is with a freezing cold shower. This will instantly wake you up and stimulate every part of your body. Try staying under for 30-60 seconds before turning the dial back to warm. Despite the fact that this may feel extremely uncomfortable for your skin, the cold water will make it look excellent. Warm water opens your pores, and this way, you can clean your skin better. The cold water then closes your pores and prevents them from clogging in excess dirt and oil.

An ice-cold shower will also make your hair shinier. The cold water will seal your cuticles and make your hair stronger, preventing any dirt or oil from building up in your scalp. A burst of cold water will also get your blood flowing in the early morning and make you feel refreshed and alive! The cold water sends blood to your organs, and the hot get it rushing back to your muscles. This all adds up to a serious circulation boost.

13. Breakfast

Another reason why a lot of us feel exhausted in the AM is because we ditch breakfast. This is one of the worst things you can do to your body because it slows you down like crazy! Making sure you eat a good breakfast will help your body and brain function a lot better than if you don’t eat. It will also improve your metabolism, which will help you lose or maintain weight. Making sure you eat a breakfast that is high in fiber is especially beneficial if you want to eat less during the day. Try eating a fruit smoothie with some wholegrain toast, a bowl of flax cereal, or if you’re in a hurry, grab a Luna Bar and finish it off with some raspberries.

14. Your morning idea

Please, feel free to add your idea in the comment box.

Follow these tips, and you will look gorgeous every morning! But don’t forget to get enough sleep, exercise, drink enough water, and eat healthily. These are the most important things for your health. What do you do to look good in the morning? Do you have any tips? Share in the comments, please, and thanks for reading!