8 Signs You are NOT Ready to Get Married


Unfortunately, nowadays we can find more divorce stories than romantic stories about marriage and love. One of the most obvious reasons why couples feel trapped or suffocated in their marriage and why marriages break is because they were not ready for it. There is nothing more frightening than tying the knot with a partner when you’re not ready. Check out a few signs that you are not ready for marriage.

1. You are still not over your Ex

This is one of the signs you shouldn’t get married. If you are still not over your ex, it’s not the right time even for dating someone, not to mention marriage. Give yourself time to get over the past. Once you are, you’ll become wiser and stronger to get into new relationship.

2. You and your partner are not financially stable

Marriage is not only two people coming together to spend their whole life happy with each other. Entering into marriage is a big responsibility. If you and your partner are financially stable, your wedlock will be a day of celebration. If you are not, it will be a big financial drain. Moreover, expenses increase once you get married. It’s better to wait until you’re financially stable before getting married.

3. You want the wedding, not the marriage

A wedding is the inauguration or celebration of something beautiful and holy called wedlock. And while a wedding lasts only one day, marriage lasts for the rest of your life. So it is necessary to think more about your marriage than your wedding. Most women are obsessed with the wedding part, not the marriage part, and only after the celebration they realize what the marriage is all about.

4. You two are not sexually compatible

Many people think that sex is not a big deal, but it is very important, especially in a marriage. Sexual incompatibility can create serious problems in your relationship and lead to infidelity. No matter whether he is the best man in the world, and has the potential to be the best father and best husband, if the sex sucks, you’re going to regret marrying him.

5. You are not ready to be a parent

Sooner or later, parenthood follows a marriage. It is necessary to be both mentally and physically prepared to have children and be ready to look after them. Otherwise, if you have children later and are not prepared for it, it can ruin your relationship with your partner. Think twice before getting married. Will you be able to raise your kids with care and love when you have them?

6. You can’t stay faithful

Trust in marriage is one of the most significant parts of your commitment. Anything may be forgiven, except infidelity. Breaking your partner’s trust is probably the worst thing you can do to him, especially after you’re married him. If you feel the urge to cheat on your partner, then you’re either not with the right person or you’re not ready for marriage. Find out the reason before entering into marriage.

7. You just met him recently

It’s hard to judge a person when you just meet him. It takes time to understand a person. And marrying someone you barely know is like walking blindly on a bridge without edges. Even if you consider him to be Mr. Right, wait for a while, enjoy your dating phase and get to know him better. Once you’re done with all of this, you can think about marriage.

8. You are not in love anymore

Finally, if you don’t feel love for the person you’re planning to marry, then how are you going to love him for the rest of your life? Being married to a person you don’t love will not only make your life unhappy, but you’ll also never be able to keep your partner happy. Marry a person you really love.

I hope these signs will help you to take the right decision. Remember, being married should make you happy. And you should also be emotionally, mentally and physically ready for it. Do you have something to add? Share your thoughts, please!